In represents six themes in the book cry the

In my mind map I have six branches which represents six themes in the book cry the beloved country. One of my six branches is family. The plot of the book is largely focused on Stephen Kumalo and his effort to rebuild his family and the broken tribe. The items I included were a picture of a family, a heart for appreciation and words like commitment and communication. I chose these items because they are necessary for a healthy family. The next theme on my branch is religion. Many characters in the book like Stephen and Msimangu follow the christian faith and their faith is the foundation for their life. Throughout the book, Christianity brings stability  to the lives of its followers and this is shown when Stephen keeps his faith and finally finds peace in the end.The third theme on my branch is suffering. Throughout the book Stephen Kumalo is dealing with all kinds of pain and suffering. Kumalo is disappointed because of the decisions his family decided to make and the consequences they have to face and also him.The items I drew on my map represents suffering and corresponds with the theme. The next theme on my branch is forgiveness. This is a huge theme represented in the novel. Even though the natives of South Africa are being discriminated against and having a hard time living, Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis still encourage the people to forgive and become a better person. They both show forgiveness through their actions and traits. On my mind map I chose a quote that goes well with the theme and also pictures that goes well with it. Another theme on my mind map is fear. Fear is everywhere in the book, the white community lives in fear because of crimes from the natives and simply being outnumbered by the natives. I chose pictures and items that showed fear and how its prevalent. The last theme is social injustice. The society in South Africa is divided on racial lines. The whites have more land and freedom than the natives. Every chapter in the book relates to this theme. I chose a picture and words that show and represent social injustice.