In immense potential. Belonging to a family of a

In today’s dynamic era, it is
important to have a refined global outlook. The management degree from IIM
Bangalore and learning from reputable professors will enable me transform into
a management professional with immense potential.


Belonging to a family of a
businessmen, I have witnessed the business activities of my father which has
always inspired me. My decision to pursue higher studies is due to the fact
that my father is limited by his qualifications; he only earned a high school
degree, relying on his own diligence and perseverance to succeed. With that in
my mind, I cleared Joint Entrance Examination and got admitted in chemical
engineering of one of the most renowned colleges Indian Institute of
Technology, Varanasi. My technological know-how coupled with a Masters in
management will prove to be an upper hand and will instill in me the required
skillset and experience to lead in the international context.

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I am currently in the final
year of my Bachelor’s and during these four years, I have tried to gain a
holistic experience on the cultural, academic and technical front. My interest
and hard work has helped me perform well consistently and maintaining a GPA of
9.4 (on a scale of 10) after 6 semesters landing me in the top 5 of my class of
102 students in chemical engineering. Owing to my good performance in the class,
I was also awarded teaching assistantship (TAship) for ‘Chemical Reaction Engineering’
course for consecutive three semesters. I delivered tutorials, participated in
the assessment process and provided appropriate guidance to students to support
their learning.


I was also selected for the
intern at IIT Bombay under Professor V.A. Juvekar. This project helped me in
consolidating my understanding about the oil and gas industries, their energy
conservation challenges and environmental issues. This was my first experience
of working as team on a group project and solving a real-life problem.


In my third year of
undergraduate studies, I was one of the few students who were awarded the DAAD
WISE Fellowship and with that I did my intern from Leipzig University, Germany.

This project helped me in understanding the global issues such as global
warming and the challenges and solutions associated with it. In addition to technical
exposure, this intern helped me develop my overall personality and brought the
best out of me. I got the opportunity to interact with the people from diverse
backgrounds which enhanced my inter-personal and communication skills.


Apart from this, I am involved
in plethora of extra-curricular activities. I am closely associated with
Aero-modelling and Robotics club of my college. My interest towards these clubs
got recognized when I won the competitions in the technical fest of my college.

I was then selected as a panel member of Aero-Modelling club and since then I
have been the major part of the event organizing team that works toward
conducting various events and workshops related to aero-modelling and robotics.

I am also associated with ‘Dramatics club’ of my college and have participated
in various intra- and inter-college events.


I hope that in the near
future, with the guidance of the experienced and learned professors in IIM
Bangalore, I will have thoroughly cultivated my independent thinking and
learning capabilities. I eventually plan to work as a professional manager on
the global front, and I am convinced that by studying alongside the dedicated
professionals and students here, I will be able to engage in enlightening
projects and acquire a more profound academic foundation.