In even perpetrators have spoken up about their experiences.

In the issue of torture, there is essentially the victim and
perpetrator. The most credible and truthful intel on the practices of torture
would be the victim’s account. However, because torture is rather complex, the
victim might not be so truthful, deliberately or not. Now that it’s been over
40 years since the conflict, many victims and even perpetrators have spoken up
about their experiences. In my investigation, I used similar methods as those
historians studying the Algerian war of Independence. Historians rarely
considered recent eyewitness accounts as a basis to their studies, because they
are quiet limited; torture is traumatic and has several psychological side
effects that may lead to the distortion of events in the witness, as strong
emotions decrease tend rational thinking. For those reasons, I discarded them
in this investigation. Instead, I used primary sources written during the time
of the war, especially that they are sources history proves later. Hindsight
bias, also known as knew-it-all-along effect, is a limitation for historians’
works, especially those who have published their works long after the events.

Some historians use the current political updates relating to the conflict to
prove their perspective, which if written at the time of the war, wouldn’t have
been the same. A historian, rather than a mathematician or a scientist, should
not view events from the past with the same biases that we have in our modern
society. A scientist needs empirical data to develop laws, data that can be
repeatedly observed, in the present. In contrast, a historian studies the
unrepeatable events of the past, ones he hasn’t necessarily observed, through
primary or secondary sources. The challenge which lies here is that the facts are not well preserved for him. In this
investigation, I truly struggled in this point. When doing a comparison of a
film with the actual historical events it depicts, numbers best represent the
accuracy of the movie. However since it’s a movie and not a documentary, it
tends to lack statistics. The challenge was to be able to balance my
qualitative (methods of torture) comparisons of torture as well as my
quantitative ones (dates and statistics of deaths).  

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