In Chapter 9, Lombard, Blore, and Armstrong are talking

In Chapter 9, Lombard, Blore, and Armstrong are talking amongst each other.  Blore asks Armstrong if he accidentally gave Mrs. Rogers an overdose of trional, which is a harmless sedative.  Armstrong replies in an aggressive tone and asks in a cold voice if Blore suggested that Armstrong gave Mrs. Rogers an overdose on purpose.  The two of them continue arguing, until Lombard quickly broke up the argument by telling both to stop “slinging accusations about”.  Still the two of them keep arguing.  Blore said that he only suggested that Armstrong made a mistake.  Then, Lombard tries to break up the fight again.  When Lombard tries to break up the fight, he gets dragged into the fight.  Blore says that he knows Lombard has a revolver and asks why he has it.  Lombard answers that he expected that he would run into “a spot of trouble”.  Then, Lombard recognizes that the money he got for coming to this island was bait and he believes that the island is a trap and that everyone on it will die. Next, the lunch bell rings and Rogers is standing by the dining-room door. Rogers says in a low anxious voice that there is only cold ham and cold tongue for lunch and that he hopes that the lunch is satisfactory.  Lombard asks Rogers if there is enough food and Rogers tells him that there is plenty of food and the food storages are holding out.  Then, Emily Brent walks into the dining room.  She makes small talk with Justice Wargrave about the weather.  Vera Claythorne then rushes into the room and apologizes for being late to lunch.  Emily Brent says that she is not the last one and that General Macarthur has not joined them for lunch yet.  Vera says that Macarthur is sitting down the sea and it is possible that he did not hear the lunch bell.  Dr. Armstrong volunteers to go get General Macarthur and tell him that his lunch is ready.  Then, there are sudden gusts of wind, and Vera says that there is a storm coming.  When Rogers is collecting the meat plates, he hears running footsteps on the terrace.  Suddenly, Armstrong reappears with the news about Macarthur and Vera finishes his sentence that General Macarthur is dead.          The storm broke just when Blore and Armstrong brought Macarthur through the door.  Blore and Armstrong carried the body upstairs while Vera wandered into the empty dining room.  She walked up to the table and a minute or two later Rogers came into the room and the two of them notice that there are only seven little figurines left.  After making his final examination,  Armstrong walks downstairs and sees everyone is in the drawing-room.  Wargrave asks what happened to General Macarthur and Armstrong tells him that Macarthur was hit in the head with a life preserver or something like it.  Then, Wargrave starts to become the “judge” of the room and starts to state the facts.  He says that there is only one way that Mr. Owen can accomplish these killings and it is by being one of the guests.  Emily Brent agrees with Wargrave and she says that one of the guests is being possessed by the devil.  The judge then starts with who the suspects could be. Blore answered Lombard because he has a revolver and he didn’t tell the truth last night.  Lombard explains and the “trial” goes on.  When Lombard tries to eliminate some suspects, Wargrave tells him that everyone qualifies because “there can be no exceptions allowed on the score of character, position, or probability.”  In conclusion to Chapter 9, Wargrave tells the guests that all of them can be a suspects for Anthony Marston’s murder, he says that Mr. Rogers and Dr. Armstrong are the “stand out” suspects in the death of Mrs. Rogers, but no one is fully exonerated from suspicion.   Wargrave then moves on to the death of General Macarthur.  He questions everyone and began to sum up the “trial.”  At the end of Chapter 9, Wargrave warns them all to be on guard and “to suspect each and every one amongst us.Chapter 10          In Chapter 10, Vera Claythorne and Lombard sit down and talk about who the murderer could be.  Lombard says that after Macarthur died,he is sure that all of this is murder.  Vera says that all of this is like an awful dream and she has a feeling that things like this just can’t happen.  Then, she asks Lombard who he thinks did it.  Lombard says that she must be excluding their two selves.  Lombard says that he doesn’t think Vera as the killer and Vera tells him that she doesn’t think he is the killer too.  Lombard then says that the murderer he thinks is Wargrave because “he’s played God Almighty for a good many months every year.”  Lombard says that it must go to a man’s head eventually and that Wargrave might think of himself as “Executioner and Judge Almighty.”  Vera says that she thinks the killer is Dr. Armstrong since two of the deaths were by poison.  She says that if the doctor went mad it would be a long time before anyone notices because doctors overwork and have a lot of strain.  Lombard tells her that there was little time to kill Macarthur when he left Lombard.  Vera tells her that Armstrong didn’t do it then, he did it when he went out to call the General to lunch. She also says that he is the only one with medical knowledge and that he can say that Macarthur was dead an hour ago and nobody can say anything about it.          Meanwhile downstairs, Rogers was polishing the leather and asked Blore if he has any suspicions. Blore says he has an idea and if he is right the person is “a very cool customer indeed.” Then, Blore asks Rogers if he has any ideas himself and Rogers says that he has no idea and that’s terrifying him.  Wargrave and Armstrong also talk together.  Armstrong wants to get off the island, but Wargrave tells him that a boat coming would be extremely unlikely because of the weather.  Dr. Armstrong tells Wargrave what they can do in the meantime other than getting murdered in thers beds.  Wargrave tells him there are several things to do and Armstrong says that they don’t even know who did it and don’t even have an idea.  Wargrave tells him that after reviewing the whole business, there is “one person who is sufficiently clearly indicated.”  Emily Brent is upstairs, sitting in her room writing in her diary.  She writes about the murderer being one of them and the death of General Macarthur.  Suddenly, she begins to feel weird and her eyes became vague and filmy.  She writes in her notebook with in a drunkenly fashion that the murderer is Beatrice Taylor (the maid she once employed who killed herself). She snaps back to attention and cannot believe she has written such a thing. She thinks that she must be going mad.         Later, everyone gathers in the living room.  They all sit and enjoy tea and the mood turns joyful.  The guests chat and have a good time.  Then, Rogers rushed into the joyous room and in a nervous tone of voice asks if anyone saw the bathroom curtains.  The bathroom curtains were made of scarlet oilsilk.  No one knows where the curtains went and it killed the good mood.  Dinner came and the guests ate a simple dinner of tinned foods.  After eating, Vera and Emily went upstairs to sleep.  An hour later, the men go upstairs and lock their doors.  Rogers is the only one downstairs now.  Before he goes to bed, he locks the dining-room door so that no one can go in and break any of the little figurines during the night.Chapter 11          Lombard sleeps later than he normally does.  At twenty-five minutes to ten, he wakes up and taps on Blore’s door.  He asked Blore if anyone woke him up for tea or anything else.  Blore said no and they both realize that Rogers has gone missing.  Lombard then woke everyone up.  Armstrong was nearly dressed, Wargrave had to be roused awake, Vera was dressed, and Emily’s room was empty.  The little party traveled downstairs and they saw the wet sponge and razor of Rogers.  Lombard suggests that they should stick together until they find Rogers.  Suddenly, Emily walks through the front door with her rain coat on.  The guests asked if she saw Rogers and she said she hasn’t seen him at all this morning.  Wargrave then came downstairs fully dressed and noticed the dining room table all set.  Then, Vera saw it.  She saw that another one of the figurines are missing.            They soon find Rogers.  He was in a little wash-house across the yard.  He was chopping sticks for the fire.  A small chopper was in his hand, but the big chopper, which was stained dull brown, matched the deep wound on the back of his head.  Armstrong then said that the murderer must have crept behind Rogers and cleaved him in the head.  Wargrave asks if it needed much force, and Armstrong glances around to see the women were there and then he said no a woman could have done that if that’s what you mean.  Then, Vera becomes “crazy” and starts to rant about the rhyme and how Rogers died like the Indian in the poem.  She start to laugh hysterically about bees because the next line in the poem is ” Six little Indian boys playing with a hive.”  Dr. Armstrong then strode up to her and smacked her on the cheek to snap her back to her senses.  After she got back to her senses, she asked the men to bring sticks for the fire so Emily Brent and she can cook breakfast.  The group then split up with the women and the men.             After the group splits, Blore tells Lombard that he has some suspicion on Emily Brent.  The two of them talk about Emily Brent and Lombard says that he is glad that Blore doesn’t suspect him as the killer.  Blore says that he hopes Lombard feels the same as himself.  Lombard and Blore continue talking and have a conversation.   As she is cooking breakfast, Vera starts to daydream. She is letting the bacon burn while she remembers Cyril disappearing into the water.  Vera then asks Emily if she is afraid of dying.  Emily thinks to herself and says to herself that she isn’t going to die because she had led an upright life.  She thinks that she never did anything until she thinks about Beatrice Taylor.  Emily then becomes fixed upon Beatrice Taylor until Vera shakes her and they bring the breakfast out to the dining room.  At breakfast, everyone was extra polite, but in their heads they all had frantic thoughts. Chapter 12After breakfast, Wargrave tells everyone to meet in the drawing-room.  Emily feels a little giddy and when Dr.Armstrong tried to give her something to relieve the giddiness, she immediately said no and the fear of suspicion that was on her face made it evident that she didn’t trust Armstrong.  Armstrong was offended and taken back, but he kept calm.  Emily said that she will just sit and wait till the giddiness goes away.  Everybody else left her alone and walked out of the dining room.  Then, Emily started to hear faint buzzing noises.  There was a buzzing in her ear and she thought immediately that it was a bumblebee.  She saw the bumblebee on the window pane and then she felt the bumblebee prick her on the side of her neck.  The others waited for her in the drawing-room for Emily Brent.  Blore uses this time to tell everyone that he thinks Emily Brent did it because of religious mania.  Wargrave then tells the group that someone should go get Brent to join in their conclave.  They went to the dining room and discovered she was dead.          Lombard asked Armstrong how did she die, and Armstrong replied that there is a mark of a hypodermic syringe, which is probably what killed her.  Then, Vera saw the bee and Armstrong told her it wasn’t the bee that killed Emily, it was the handheld syringe that inject poison right into Brent.  Vera exclaimed that it followed the rhyme and Lombard said that it was the murderer’s style is to adhere as close as possible to the nursery rhyme.  The judge asked calmly if anyone brought a hypodermic syringe to the island, and Armstrong told them that he did.  Wargrave asked him to grab it so they could see he really had it.  So everyone walked upstairs to his room and when Armstrong turned his suitcase inside out, the syringe was not there.            “Somebody must have taken it!” Armstrong said.  Wargrave then asked Armstrong what drugs he had in his possession, which were mostly medicines.  Wargrave came up with the idea to put all the things that could kill someone locked up including Lombard’s revolver and some of Wargrave’s sleeping medication.  Lombard first refused, but since he was outnumbered in a fight, he reluctantly gave in.  But when he went to go find his revolver it wasn’t there.  Then, everyone had to be stripped and there room’s were searched for the revolver.  The revolver couldn’t be found, so the doctor’s and Wargrave’s medicines were first put in the silver chest in the pantry.  Blore found the syringe and the figurine just outside the dining room window.  The syringe was carefully wiped off so no fingerprints were found.  Then they split up and tried to find the revolver with no luck.