In attempt to rebalance international political economy. However, the

    In the post crisis era, ‘The Belt and Road’ is the global project of worldwide economic growth. China is the locomotive of this new model of international cooperation. Productivity, technology and capital advantages, experience and the advantages of cooperation and implementation of a full range of open innovations all are seen as mutual benefits for the every single country involved. ‘The Belt and Road’ is to share the dividends of reform, development, experience and lessons learned. Chinese government focuses on promoting cooperation and dialogue among the countries along the line, establishing a more balanced new global development partnership, and consolidating the foundation for long-term and stable development of the world economy.


This project is, to certain extent, a Chinese response to what is called traditional globalization. Traditional globalization was started from the sea, and was born by the sea. Coastal areas and marine countries were the first areas to be developed. Landlocked countries and inland areas were relatively backward, forming a huge gap between the rich and the poor. The traditional globalization has been started with Europe and developed by the United States, centralizing Western World in terms of economic development. That type of the international order, from the point of view of Chinese government, results in a series of unbalanced and irrational effects from the West to the East, from the cities to the land, and from the land to the oceans. Now, ‘The Belt and Road’ is, basically, Chinese attempt to rebalance international political economy. However, the project is encouraged by its initiators to be open to the west. It has been promoting the development of landlocked countries and regions of western development and Central Asia, Mongolia, in the implementation of global international society inclusive development concept.  At the same time, ‘The Belt and Road’ is China’s active promotion of their West-oriented quality, high productivity and comparative advantage industry. Furthermore, it is an attempt to change the productivity East West Trade and cultural exchanges and to develop the aisle “depression” in the history of Central Asia along the ‘silk road’. This goes beyond the gap between the rich and the poor caused by the globalization created by the Europeans and the imbalance of regional development, and promotes the establishment of a harmonious world of lasting peace, universal security and common prosperity

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