Importance of the restaurant reflect the team of specialty

of Food and Beverage in Hotel Industry



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The hotel industry is a within the service industry that
includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme park, transportation, cruise
line, and additional fields within the tourism industry.

Food and Beverage service is the culmination of the planning
and production processes. It centers on the guest – more specifically, on
providing and enjoyable experience for the guest. Food and Beverage is a
complex subject, comprising a wide range of characteristics, activities and
procedures. Characteristics include such things as the size and tide if the
operation, the type of service with offers, and it ambience or atmosphere.
Activities includes transferring food and beverage products from production
personnel to serving personnel, serving the guest, clearing the table and so
on,. Procedures to carry out each activity should be standardized so that first
expectation maybe met or exceeded time after time.



Food and Beverage service outlets in
a Hotel

Fast food outlets, transport catering contract
catering of industries and so on, are examples of commercial catering. It can
be further classifying into residential, for example, hotels, motels, resorts,
inns, clubs and so on, and non residential for example restaurants, fast food
outlets, popular restaurants, pubs, bars and so on.

Hotels provide food and beverage
services to customers in the following areas other than accommodation:

§  Restaurants

§  Bars

§  Lounge area

§  Banquets

§  Rooms

Most guests stay in hotels are on business trips and
stay for the very short duration and expect quick service. They may also need
banquet halls to hold functions, conferences and business meetings. The
restaurant of hotels may offer buffet for all three meals to speed up service. Alternately
guests may place orders from the a la carte menu. Food and Beverage service may
also be extended to guests who are not staying in the hotel.

§  Restaurants

Restaurant in a hotel provide food and beverage on a
commercial basis. This is open to all to take refreshments, food and beverage.Restaurant
offer service of food and beverage desires to satisfy the guest.


Types of restaurants in a Hotel:


It serves specialty dishes which are its strength
and contribute to the brand image. It operates during luncheon and dinner
hours, between noon and 3pm and between 7pm and 11pm. The ambience and décor of
the restaurant reflect the team of specialty restaurant may specialize in a
particular type of food Such as fish and chips, pasta or steak or in a
particular type of cuisine, for example Indian, Chinese, Italian And so on. The
dishes of a particular region or a country or a particular sect of people are
also termed as ethnic cuisine. The uniform of the service staff will be
according to the tradition of the region or country. The fixtures, designs on
the crockery and the menu card, music and so on, will also depict the region. Uniformed
waitstaff serves food according to the tradition. The seat torn on in this type
Of restaurants is low and the average  per cover is more compared to coffee shops.









This kind of restaurant primarily caters to the
requirement of the affluent market segment which wants to experience fine
dining. The restaurant may either offer dishes of one particular region orcountry
or exotic dishes from various cuisines, wines, spirits, and digestives. It is
open mostly during dinner time. However, it may also operate during luncheon depending
on the location. The ambience and décor of the restaurant will be elegant and
rich. The furniture is made of teak wood with fine craftsmanship. The dining
chair may have arm rest. All the tables will be covered with good quality linen
and napkins of contrasting color or color that matches the décor will be folded
and kept. The glassware chosen will be of fine lead crystal communicating to
the guest the beauty of the table set – up. The metal chosen for cutlery will
be either silver or electroplated nickel silver (EPNS), which will be
maintained well at all times. The wait staff employed is skilled and has a
sound knowledge of the dishes served. The restaurant employs sommeliers to
serve wines and other and other alcoholic beverages. Uniformed service staff
serves the dishes either by silver service or by gueridon service. In
silver service, the food is transferred to the guest’s plate using service
spoon and fork from the food container. Gueridon service is also known
as trolley service, in which the food is either prepared, carved, or flambéed
in the presence of the guest on a trolley. These services call for highly
skilled staff. The average revenue generated per cover is more compared to
other restaurants but at the same time the seat turnover is very low while the
labor cost and overhead are at a higher side.









§  Lounge

Lounges can be found in most of the
hotels where food and drinks is offered to the customers in a comfortable and
cozy seating in relaxed surrounding. Lounge in a lobby, cocktail lounge, cigar
lounge and other types of lounges can be seen in hotels which will enhance the
satisfaction of customers by giving them space to decide what they want from
what is available.











§  Bar

is a place where both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages are served
depending on the type of bar. The service in bar are fast and quick. Different
kinds of bars such as club bard, pool bars, wine bars, cocktail bars, juice
bars and many more can be seen in hotels.