Imagine, If these grades follow through to administration teachers

Imagine, a student is in a chemistry class. The teacher is explaining electron configuration. A student does not understand and tries to ask a question, but the teacher ignores the question and moves on. How does this make the student feel? It seems as if these situations happen very often. Teachers grade students daily whether students know the material or not. It’s only fair that students are able to give their input on the teachers performance in the classroom on the daily basis.     If students were able to grade teachers, teachers could use this feedback to improve their performance and teaching styles in the classroom. Every student has different needs, a teacher won’t be aware of this students needs if the student doesn’t let them know. During the grading period teachers may find that they get many compliments or complaints which could help them improve before the next grading period begins. Teachers should embrace the feedback that they receive because it could really make a difference in the way that they teach.     Feedback, or grades that teachers receive from students could also make teachers work harder and be more involved. We all know that there are those select few teachers that are careless, and not really involved in their student’s academic career. If teachers know that they are being evaluated continuously throughout the school year, it will encourage them to do better so students will understand the material when they’re teaching. If these grades follow through to administration teachers will work even harder to make sure they are meeting students needs because the feedback is going to someone who is in charge of them, and their job depends on it.     Some may say that teachers shouldn’t be graded, but I disagree. It’s only fair that teachers get graded since students are held accountable for their grades. If teachers are being graded, so many things will improve in the classroom such as teaching methods, discipline methods, and so on. Grading teachers would benefit everyone in the long run.     To conclude,