If the discussion. This classrooms merely study what is

If there is any
property that you have that cannot be stolen from you, that is Education. This
is acquired when a person goes to school and teachers are the one who transfers
information, this information includes lessons that can be used for daily
living, additional knowledge, transferring culture and many more. Knowing that
education is important, educational systems are developed in order to be
well-ordered in teaching the students.

For the past years
teachers use chalkboards, cartolinas, manila paper, etc. as their means of
teaching the students, while students use books as a material to learn.
Students often also use books as their reference when looking for the tasks
given by their teachers, this kind of teaching is called the traditional way of
teaching or conventional way of teaching.Ahmed (2013) said that this
conventional way of teaching is often teacher centered hence the students just
intake what the teacher is giving them, thus their teacher is the one who
controls the discussion. This classrooms merely study what is in their
textbooks and notes while teachers are the one who initiates and talk and the
students are going to listen to what the teacher is saying (Li, 2016). As
stated by Cambridge Center for Sixth-form studies (2017) this traditional way
of teaching is called an “Assignment Study Recitation Study” wherein
students needed to study and memorize their assignments for they are going to
have a recitation the next day. This teaching strategy also is more focused on
exam results, assignments, recitation, etc. rather than activities (Lynch, 2010).
In addition to that, the goal of this is the mastery of core subjects like
math, science, english and such. In this type of strategy, parents are assured
that their children are able to cope same lessons that they learned
(Huson,2018).The traditional type of teaching only has few materials in
learning which are used since it concerns more to the mastery of the learning
of the students.

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As  time goes by the rapid change of technology
changes the way how people live including the way how teachers teach their
students, from manual to online, from books to eBooks, from manila paper to PowerPoint
presentation  and currently the usage of
video presentations and online exams are widely used by teachers when teaching
their students .This kind of teaching is often called technology-aided teaching
or multimedia-mediated classrooms, this type of teaching is often
learner-centered strategy. When we define multimedia it means that text,
images, videos, numeric and other forms are combined in an environment that is
digital, thus teaching is more visually applied rather than theoretically.
Students use mobile phones or tablets as their means of studying rather than
using the textbooks as their material in learning. According to Li (2016)
technology helps in the communication of a students peers and teachers thus
this kind of teaching enhance the students learning capacity since they can see
actual simulations and examples of the lessons taught by their teacher. This
can also help the students to be encouraged in learning and acquire the
attention of learners since they are able to see the actual visualization of
what their teacher is teaching. Here teachers are facilitators, in this case,
students are allowed to know things on their own together with other students
they are with. Learners, therefore, are included in the process of learning
more than just listeners. This can also advance students in their
problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills and their self-learning to

Nowadays some teachers still use the traditional
way of teaching their students while others utilize the usage of technology as
their means. In line to this, this research seeks to know the effectiveness of
using different teaching strategies to see which is more effective educational
system to be used in teaching the students