If sexual phobias related to this disease and due

we link her illness with this painting we can conclude that her situation
seems to have physical and psychiatric disorders which comes under mental
illness. Therefore we can say that she suffered from some form of bipolar
disorder with psychotic symptoms. According to Natalie Frank who has PhD in
clinical psychology states that; research also shows that girls who are
physically abused in childhood are at greater risk for developing Graves’
disease and other autoimmune diseases later in life. Research has also
determined that long term or severe physical abuse in childhood can cause permanent
changes to brain structure and functioning, immune functioning and
susceptibility to a variety of physical and mental disorders. (Frank) Which means that
Yayoi anxieties and sexual phobias related to this disease and due to which she
has created accumulation no.1.

Natalie also quotes that according to
Yayoi’s statements she also suffered from schizophrenia and Basedow’s disease,
also known as Graves’ disease. Graves’ disease has also been shown to result in
psychotic symptoms such as persecutory hallucinations and unfounded paranoia.
It has been said by Natalie that having bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
increase the risk for developing hyperthyroidism. In the pumpkin sculptor we
see those different size dots which is the mixture of imagination and reality
that she use to see in her childhood and claimed it as hallucination effects.
Her mental illness also let her explore topics such as cosmic image, narcissism
and self-promotion. Her childhood has affected her in such a way that these
mental diseases and hallucination symptoms are evident in the concept and ideas
of her artwork. From 1977 she has been hospitalized for treatment and she has
been there voluntarily. The doctors have permitted her to work in her studio which
is opposite to the hospital. During the treatment when she is free she writes
books and paints in her room also. This shows that even during the treatment
period she still uses her illness as a base of her work whether it’s writing a
book or creating an artwork.

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