I with the recent trends and implement those techniques

am Askar Ali K from Chennai, India.
I would like to pursue my Masters in the field of Communication Engineering .My professional goal is to create a
remarkable progress in the field of Satellite
Communication thereby serving society. My short term goal is to be a part
of a Space Research Program wherein I play a vital role in Satellite Navigation
systems such as Galileo Positional
systems which is an alternative to GPS-expected to be in full service in 2020,
Navigation with Indian Constellation
(NAVIC) with a successful launch of seventh IRNSS series satellite IRNSS-1G
on 28 April 2016.

believe that I could make an exceptional change and add on value to people. I
strongly hold an opinion that we still need more inventions and strategies to
satisfy the overcoming demands. Because there are still accidents occur in a
day and around 1.25M lose their lives. Like Google maps which has reduced much
work on navigation part, we need to bring in a new form of Navigation System
available to public. I am currently working on an Abstract of motor vehicles and
Traffic signals in sync with a satellite driven system which helps in reducing accidents
and can clear traffic area quickly in case of any accident/calamities.

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respect to satellite, I am glad that India has a tremendous growth in space
research-Indian Space Research Organization
(ISRO).In Germany DLR-German
Aerospace Center plays that part. I am amazed from the works of Galileo mission
which is carried in DLR. I am looking forward to work for DLR so that I could
continue my research on Satellite Navigation Systems and could update me with
the recent trends and implement those techniques in India when I am back home.

knowledge gathered during my Bachelor degree would back me up for this. During which
I developed a keen interest in Antennas
and Satellite Communication. I have also incorporated a paper on Microwave
Antenna used for cancer treatment. As a final year project I designed and
developed a working model of Microstrip
patch Antenna. I was given an opportunity to present the paper-work of the
project in the National Conference of Microwave and Millimeter Communication and
in my last semester I get to study a subject on ‘Satellite Communications’
which drew my attention. With the prior understanding of Wireless
communication, I found it easy and fascinating which made me to choose
Satellite Communication as my research area.

need a platform to enhance my skills. The reason why I chose Germany is their
contribution on Research as the gross domestic expenditure on research and
development (GERD) was almost 89 billion euros (in 2015) and Germany has over
1,000 public and publicly funded institutions for science, research and
development. A country will flourish if the Research is well funded and
equipped. In that scenario, Germany being one of top nations of the  list in terms of R&D which forced me to
choose Germany. In the cultural aspect, German’s love for their language is
amazing. I am from a traditional culture and the language I speak is Tamil
which is of the oldest language. I love the language very much as Germans love

my childhood I was much interested in Mathematics and Science. I have
participated in National level Mathematics Contest during my second grade and
secured first class. In Secondary schooling, I always be in the top 3% ranks in
the class of 60. In my 7th grade, I extolled well in the English
Literature for which I was awarded by my Faculty Mrs.Sheeba. I also secured
Institution first in my 10th grade scoring 93.6% in the board exams
for which I received much appreciation and was given tuition fee waiver for
studying 11th grade and half fee waiver for 12th grade by
my School Principal, Dr. Janet Abraham. I even scored 94.58% in my 12th
grade and secured Institution second.

my grades were high I was given a seat through merit quota in one of the
leading Engineering colleges in Chennai ‘Valliammai Engineering College’
affiliated to Anna University. Also the University reduced a sum of 20000
Rupees for 4 years from the tuition fee under a scheme of first graduate in the

During my undergrad
studies I maintained a good rapport with all my Professors. I used to get my
doubts clarified then and there. I performed exceptionally well in my Lab
classes and secured full ’10’ GPA in 17 out of 19 Labs. Throughout all
semesters I remained in top 3% in my department and secured overall CGPA of

Having equipped myself
with a competent knowledge in the field of Electronics and Communication
Engineering and the realms of computer technologies instrumental in creating
advancements in the Network industry

am an all-rounder; I am a sprinter and have placed many medals. I was also a part
of Kho-Kho team for couple of years till 10th grade in which our
team has won zonal matches. I am a poet and story writer. I have written many
poems and some published in my college article. My favorite genre in stories is
realistic fiction and currently I am writing a novel on the same named ‘ME in