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I had the opportunity to sit with 3 managers in my organization: Logistics Manager, Finance Manager, and Production Manager.When I asked them, from their point of view of course, what were those things that were/are affecting the company performance and efficiency, all of them (separately) concluded to the following:Skills set: Some of the key positions in my company requires especial skills, knowledge, and abilities. However, these positions are occupied by individuals who don’t possess these strengths. Due to this fact, our departments are uncapable to deliver positive results occasioning also delays in the deliverables from other departments. Employees/customer dissatisfaction, turnover, and low profit, are some of the results of poor management. We need people with experience and skills capable to provide results and solutions when they are needed, otherwise, we will be unable to display efficiency and resolve some of the pitfalls mentioned above.Employee Relations: this is one of my favorites. As I mentioned before, the owners came from overseas and there are some things that they would like to do or implement that from our point of view isn’t ethical nor legal sometimes (double no). Although we are following the Federal, State, and City statutes, sometimes their ideas of having employees working long extra hours, or giving less benefits, or taking benefits away that they used to have, are discouraging. I understand that even when these decisions may sound profitable (from their point of view), they don’t make sense to our employees. This behavior is affecting our profitability in the long run due to the high increase in our turnover, hiring efforts, loss of employees with experience, and training.May be if they can adjust their thoughts and accept the differences between our cultures (inclusion), things would work out for the best. I honestly don’t know how to approach the situation, but I have already sent a mandate training in Diversity and Inclusion (accepting our differences) that I am hoping will change their minds. But the real question here is, how do I help them to adjust to our work-life environment?Low ROI: well, we all agreed that the company is facing one of the worst stages in its course, and our budget is very tied. But again, I think that once we improve our management efforts and qualities by hiring top talent, bettering the employee morale by improving our benefits, and changing our minds to be open to inclusion, things will slowly improve.


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