I major role in the exporting of oil to

I was born as a minority in the
Arabian Peninsula in a country, named Sultanate of Oman. Oman is a country, as
big in size as California with a population of 5 million, making it a less
developed country within its neighboring Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This
council includes the countries of Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab
Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Oman plays a major role in the exporting of oil to
the rest of the world, but it has limited resources in education, science
research, and technology. However, Oman is taking steps forward to expand its
economy to become the desired business center in the Middle East attracting firms
from all over the world. Furthermore, it is taking the initiative to strengthen
its economy on a global scale by participating in a unified economy with the
rest of the GCC countries. In doing so, Oman relies on foreign professionals
for consulting, and for managing its private sector.  My long-term goal is to be one of these
consultants for the Oman’s government. 

      My interest
in working to better my community came at an early age.  During my time in high school a desire to
help the community resulted in me joining the Oman Charitable Organization helping
more than 5000 families to meet their everyday needs. The Charity Fund has been
growing since then providing scholarships to students, housing and shelters to
the needy, helping children with special needs and other disabled people, and sponsoring
local events. More importantly, we invested a portion of the cash contributions
hoping to diversify our income, hence, expanding our projects and programs.

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      Now, at
this decisive moment of my life, I plan to focus on improving my critical
thinking skills and applying ethics to govern my conduct by interacting with
people from diversified backgrounds. A degree from The University of Texas at
Austin will give me the opportunity to learn from professors who not only
deliver, but take concepts to a whole new level by challenging their students
to explore all the important elements of education. I am determined to take
full advantage of their expertise and research knowledge to find answers to
questions of interest to me. I would use my background living in a small
country to enrich the educational experience of other students inside the
classroom by giving them a different point of view in looking at the world.

      In the
meantime, I likewise believe that the field of engineering can prompt a
profession that is different and diverse, and it has the initiative to possibly
change the world. The field has always been fascinating to me, because it
presents educated and academic thoughts and speculations, which prompts
critical thinking and problem solving. The other driving component that has
appealed my enthusiasm towards engineering is the passion towards support in
the search and improvement of new front line. A degree of engineering from the
University of Texas at Austin will give an opportunity to help my society and
serve my community with the future innovations.

            After graduation, I am determined to
employ my knowledge with one of the top engineering firms in Oman and shall use
this experience in serving the infrastructure of development countries. In
addition, I would utilize The University of Texas at Austin as a source to
carry on new ideas to the next generation of inventive Omanis. I would
encourage faculty members to visit Oman to share and exchange ideas to make an
impact on Oman’s engineering system and the people of Oman. I grew up in a
small minority in the country and served my community at an early age, and I am
determined to utilize this background to enrich The University of Texas at
Austin’s community with different ways of critical thinking and exchange of