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I am a Vietnamese-American. I was born during a period of economic transition, witnessing the waves of a new society at a young age, the continuous revision in influence and values of many cultural currents in my generation. With that being said, there are still many concerns, one of them being education, which I feel very strongly about. The education system requires payment every semester, which can be extremely expensive for some individuals. Less fortunate youth struggle to stay in school due to their circumstances where they have to carry all of the responsibilities at a young age with a lack of financial aid from the government. This is what I am setting out to fix with the determination that it will also inspire others to do the same. My parents came to America with a minimal amount of money and were unable to speak English, but they managed to give my brother and I more than what we need. My mother came to this land of opportunity, but had to give up her bright future in Vietnam as a senior marketing advisor for one of the biggest corporations at the time and got demoted to a low class worker here. Although she has all the intellectual background to live an easy life, she chose the hard one just for our future. She managed to buy our first house in just two years, and is now an owner of a successful nail salon. My father is a high school graduate with the biggest passion for cars and cooking; without the opportunity to attend college or have a socially accepted background, his work ethic is the greatest among anyone I’ve ever known. His heart is the biggest lesson to the ones around him; I’ve seen his blood, sweat, and tears, but never once have I seen him blame others, lose his temper, or be unhappy with his life.My parents did not only teach us how to be kind, giving, and humble, but also to never give in to evil, to never give up on obstacles, and to conquer with the most compassionate heart. Our parents always told us, “Don’t let society tell you your worth. You prove to no one else, but yourself, that you are love”, and that’s what my brother did. Even with his limited English, he managed to graduate high school within the top 5%, then attended University of Houston while working full time. My family might not be the most prestigious, but I can assure you that our parents got their point through our thick heads that you don’t have to be a genius to be the most powerful person in the room, you just have to be the most stubborn person that doesn’t know how to give up, the toughest person through hard times, and the person who has the heart to help others no matter what situation you are in. I want this opportunity to prove to myself that doubts and discrimination will only be the stepping stone for an inquisitive mind to succeed with the most humbled heart.Sincerely,Anh Nguyen