I advancement in the field of data science and

I remember clearly, the first sentence that my professor Mr. Siddharth Shukla in college taught me about coding was “There is no one who is best at coding because there is always someone better living in anonymity”. According to me “Although there is no one who is the best at coding, we work hard to be called the best, to reach that summit were only a few handful people are allowed to stand”. I am a fervent learner who wants to naturalize as much knowledge as possible and with that strong unquenchable thirst for learning; I decided that a master’s course is the one to go with. Ever since early childhood I was captivated by digital gaming and have more frequently than I care to admit wondered about game development, image and video processing, but the recent advancement in the field of data science and machine learning have bewitched me.

My first interaction with a computer was in the year 1998, when I was barely 3 years old, my father had just brought home a Pentium 3 Celeron with only 128Mb RAM and TFT monitor and currently is still operational at my father’s office. It initially came with an original pre-installed Windows 95. But for the most part that I can ever recall is that, I used to spend long tiring hours as a child siting on my father’s lap learning the basics such as copying, moving or deleting files and folders, learning to play games and using CD-ROM and the floppy drive. After a few years through self-exploration, the basics of windows were well in-grained within my mind. By the 4th grade I had started to study programming with DOS, PASCAL, COBOL and BASIC, but it was all very basic and mostly only involved basic arithmetic operations only. It was not until the year 2004 when I had first encountered with the internet at a friend’s house. By the 8th grade I was learning image and video editing and sound processing which I hosted online on Deviantart.com and Soundcloud.com using softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Maxon C4D, FL studio and various other such softwares, while my fellow peers were still busy learning basics of Windows and MS- Word. Finally it was in 11th grade that I came in touch with modern object oriented programming using Java with Netbeans IDE.

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I completed my schooling from Delhi Public School, Raipur, one of the most reliable schools, well known for its quality of education and mentoring students towards the path of success. All along my school life the computer teachers were always pleasantly surprised both with my grades and my knowledge which was always unrestricted by the limitation of the content as prescribed within the syllabus. Prolonged interaction with diversity of peers helped me communicate articulately.

After completing my schooling, I decided to take one year time out to explore my skills in various other fields and prepare for competitive examinations. After which I decided to take admission into Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology, one of the most reputed institutions within the state. While pursuing my bachelor’s I was able to expand my horizons with subjects like Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Compiler Design and Computer Networks. My interests were never confined to the limitation of the course syllabus and I was always a few steps ahead of my course syllabus in certain subjects. For example, I along with my peers worked on a research paper in the field of Management Information Systems, titled “An Information Management System for Effective Management and Administration in Institutions and Organization” and presented the paper at VIGYAAN 2k16, an event held under the tech fest of National Institute of Technology, Raipur, whereas we studied Management Information Systems as a subject in our 6th semester.

Apart from studies I have actively participated in various seminars and workshops on Internet of Things, Big Data with Hadoop and Wavemaker – aPaaS software. During the 2nd year of my engineering, I was focused towards web development and programming in general and hence opted for various MOOCs from edx.com and udemy.com, both certified and uncertified. Within the year, I was also hit with the mad rush of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and Data Analytics, so I started spending even longer hours on the internet pursuing MOOCs related to Data Science and Machine Learning.

Further to add, I am also an executive member of the coding club due to the excellent performance of my team in TCS Codevita Season V and Codechef Snackdown 2k17. Our coding team was the first to ever participate in ACM-ICPC from our institute. Moreover, having good communication and management skills allowed me to become the campus ambassador of Hackerearth – an online coding platform and Techniche – the tech fest of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati for over a year. My responsibilities as campus ambassador were to organize and conduct coding contests, hackathons and promote various events within the campus, conducted across the nation by IIT, Guwahati and Hackerearth. Additionally, I am the president of GATE club wherein the members of the club are responsible for teaching each other, conducting tests and other activities for excellent performance in various national level examinations such as GATE or CAT. I actively took part in blood donation camps and stage performance activities also. I have also been published as a story and poem writer within some anthologies. I even contributed to the open source software development community by answering questions on Stackoverflow.com and contributing to projects on Github.com

The location of your university and your widespread campus hosts a wide diversity of students from whom I can learn more than just academics but about their cultures and traditions. Under the mentorship of your university’s renowned professors I would be able to extend my roots further into the knowledge of the field. The advance academic curriculum and broad spectrum of topics included in your computer science course will provide me with the opportunity to notch up my skill set. The breadth of research done at your university would allow me to pursue my interests in depth with talented researchers. It is because of these stupendous opportunities that your university is my top choice for graduate study.

Graduating from your university would be like a stepping stone towards my dream as I have hear and used innumerable softwares and now I want to contribute to some and create a few. But before that I need to accentuate my social and technical skills. Financial assistance from your university will give me a tremendous morale boost in this long pursuit to achieve excellence. Graduating from your college would be such an honour for me and a great step towards the construction of my road to excellence.


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