Humanities But, the blame is not only on Bangladesh

Paper 3

by: Souham tekriwal 6_a

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‘India has not addressed the
influx of refugees and illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.’

Evaluate the problem, its
magnitude and its implications. (200 words)


a safe and sound geostatic location and a healthier economy than its other
neighbouring countries, INDIA has become one of the main center of immigration.
Several immigrants from countries like: Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Tibet, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar have been
immigrating to India and have settled here. The matter of several countries
have been looked into but Bangladesh has been left unattended. Exceeding the
counts of 15 million immigrants from Bangladesh have settled in the landlocked
states with Bangladesh. Some have also managed to find menial jobs in the
metropolitan states of India. These implications have challenged India and have
resulted into fewer resources and a weaker national security. Adversely
affecting the way of living it has deeply affected both the countries. Nor
acknowledging or taking any steps into this matter stays still the country of
Bangladesh. It has been a high time and we seriously need to sort out this
matter as soon as possible.  Without the
support of Bangladesh government, India’s efforts over the years to resolve the
issues have gone down the drain. But, the blame is not only on Bangladesh as
India also needs to make laws against illegal immigration.  It’s not also a part of the United Nations 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. Hence India shall implicate laws to decrease the number
of illegal immigrants in the country.


What is India’s stand on the
Rohingya crisis? (80-100 words)


stated by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees,
Antonio guterrs, India has been a highly helpful and generous country in
accepting the illegal immigrants. Along with other refugees, India has allowed
the Rohingya people into the nation. They treat these people as a part of other
refugees and provide them with shelter and food. But, the government want the
illegal refugees like the Rohingya to move out of the country as stated by the
Supreme Court as, there is still a problem of lack of resources that is faced
by the people and hence there are difficulties to accept more refugees in the



What steps can India take to
tackle this crisis? (80-100 words)


has been resettlement of refugees in India but it is of no help. It should
rather take these illegal immigrants as refugees until the problem is
completely sorted out. India should be a part of the ceasefire agreement made
by the UN to stop the conflict between the rebel groups. It can also help the
government of Myanmar to create a safe atmosphere and conditions for the
Rohingya refugees to re-enter the country. We can provide the refugees with
security in accordance to their government that will help them to move back to
their country.