Hope a certain thing to happen. Having hope is

Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Having hope is not easy, however it is a good thing. It is the reason everyone get out of bed every morning, hoping they will have a good and bless day. Having hope means you chose to believe in something, if something bad is going on in your life, you are hopeful for them to get better. Also, if times are good you are hoping it remains good. 
To begin with, hope is a driving force, many people go into careers because they hope they can teach or change someone life. We volunteer because we hope we can make a difference and help those who are in need. When someone you know is sick or in pain, you hope they get better and pull through. Without hope we would not have anything to look forward to or drive us to get up and keep going everyday. Even in our darkest moments when we think its impossible to stand on our feet, hope saves us from giving up and throwing everything away. 
After a while, hope allows people to approach problems with a mindset and strategy set suitable to success, thereby increasing the chances they will actually accomplish their goals (psychologytoday.com 20). Without hope you are saying you do not believe in something or you have no faith. You tend to quit and give up because you act helpless, you are not pushing yourself to go further and obtain the kind of future you want. That means you do not believe you can do it. When you do not have hope you are settling and lowering your standards. 
Furthermore, hope is a good thing it leads to you learning more about yourself, helping you grow and improve. When you have hope you engage in something more, you learn new strategies and find ways to keep going and doing better. Just because something does not work in your favor or happen does not mean you should quit and stop believing. Everything happens for a reason and if it does not work out and how you have hope something better will come your way.