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Honorable chairs and co-chairs, also dear delegates, delegation of Costa-Rica is glad to see all of you and we would like to share our position about Legality of Counter-Terrorist Actions. In the past decade, countering terrorism has become a global concern and a high priority for the international community. Although progress has been made in countering its threat and in understanding its underlying causes, terrorism remains one of the most serious challenges facing the international community today.The problem is complex and requires a coordinated multi-lateral approach. The adoption of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy by the General Assembly in September 2006 was a milestone.  It provides for a comprehensive response to terrorism at the national, regional and global levels, agreed upon by all United Nations Member States.Costa Rica is the only neutral state in the whole of America, back in 1948 completely abandoned the use of the army. Since then, the only power structure in the country remains the police. The crime rate is relatively low, the country is considered one of the safest in Latin AmericaActually Costa-Rica has no regular military services, but in some cases it gets a help from United States. As part of the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking, in 2011-2016, the Special Intervention Unit of Costa Rica participated in police and military operations under the name Fuerzas Comando, led by the United States.Also Costa Rica played an important role in International Workshop of National Counter-Terrorism Focal Points. This was the first time that Member States, regional and sub-regional organizations, a wide variety of civil society representatives as well as members of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force came together to discuss the implementation of the Strategy. The importance of better connections of global United Nations efforts with national efforts was also one of the key conclusions drawn by the 2008 “International Process on Global Counter-Terrorism Cooperation”. This was initiated by Switzerland in cooperation with Costa-Rica, Japan, Slovakia and Turkey, with the support of the Center on Global Counter Terrorism Cooperation. The International Process sought to identify ways to make the United Nations institutions and their efforts more relevant to national counter-terrorism strategies and efforts.In Costa Rica there is a special service UEI (Association of Special Response, UEI – Unida de Specialo Intervacion). The main objective of the UEI is the conduct of antiterrorist actions in the cities and the anti-guerrilla struggle in the provinces of Costa Rica, although this special service is also involved in the provision of state security and state security. Along with the UEI in Costa Rica, the Ministry of National Security is responsible for intelligence, counterintelligence and security.