History 2007):They Treated 1 million gallons of water according

History of Gul Ahmed:It was Founded by Hajji Ali Muhammad. The Gul Ahmed group is a pakistani company that include Gul Ahmed textile mills , Gul Ahmed Energy and Habib metropolitan bank. They are having outlets all around the world and it is famous for its best quality cotton for both men and women. The chain of retail outlets are found under the name of IDEAS by Gul Ahmed. In 1953 the group entered into textile as Gul Ahmed Textile Mills limited and was incorporated as a privately limited company.Is Gul Ahmed a green company?Liquid effulents (may 2007):They Treated 1 million gallons of water according to NEQS limit which was one of there most effective work and also On going project to recycle waste water and re use it for the production purpose. To attract more buying agencies of Europe and Usa. Gaseous emissionsare very dangerous for health for that they installed Cycle gas turbine, in December 2006 , which generates 10 mw electricity. Exhaust flues gases fed to HRGS to generate steam , installed in may 2007. They were the first to install combined cycle power plant in textile industry which reduced heat content to flue gases going into the atmosphere and protect trees , surrounding society and it gave them the label of environmental friendly textile. Solid wastes like chemical and other stuff are dumbed of properly which will not create any mess later for the society.  The work they did for Community Development:It is essential ingredient of its success story. In its drive towards making the community experience better , gul ahmed  remains committed to working for their development and initiates steps that make a difference. As part of the community development program, some of the initiatives that have been undertaken, in collaboration with the regional companies.Developments of road near the factories and outlets and installed street lights for the betterment of society near factories and rural areas. Establishment of police check points to catch thieves and made employees feel secure ,renovation of footpath. ,Development of sewerage and drainage systems. Construction of prayer areas and installation of drinking plants in rural areas. Safety, Health & environment (SHE):? Gul Ahmed has a firm commitment towards making its working lives better at the workplace and also in their personal living areas.? To achieve these objectives, Gul Ahmed is involved in various awareness programs and training drills.? Health awareness programs.? Awareness sessions on HIV/AIDS.? Employee vaccinations against Hepatitis B.? Firefighting, first aid and work place hazards.? MSDS (material specification data sheets of chemicals). ? Employees are rewarded with medals and cash prizes for their exceptional feats at any calamitous incident.Equal opportunity employment:As an equal opportunity employer, Gul Ahmed hires people purely on the basis of merit and is committed to providing equal access to employment to all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality or disability. Gul Ahmed respects people and believes that the success of its business is created by good people working together in a team enviroment.Empowerment of women that now sees more than 1500 women employed at various positions.Hiring of people with disabilities through NGO’S and Facilitate overseas candidates for internships.    Unethical issues:Being promoed takes so much time which demotivates employees. Production cost lower but selling price is higher and the difference is basically the Goodwill. They don’t provide good salary but give fringe benefits in the compensation of it and this demotivate employees and made them switch to other jobs.Certificates:? Organic Content Standard (OCS).? ISO 9001:2008 – Certification on Quality Management Systems.? Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)? SA 8000:2014 – Certification on Social Responsibility? EU Flower.