Have you ever lashed out on an employee for

Have you ever lashed out on an employee for some silly mistakes in the
final report? Have you snapped at a waiter for getting the order wrong? Do your
children or wife or partner make you angry all the time? Well, it is definitely
not them, it is you. You probably suffer with some major anger management
issues, and this isn’t exactly healthy. Anger at workplace or home can spread a
sense of unhealthy fear amongst the people you deal with everyday. This article
is going to help you learn how to control your anger fumes. Read along to calm
your nerves and lead a peaceful life:

(1)   The first step
towards anger management is to sit down for a ‘Know Yourself’ review. You need
to analysis every past even that has made you lash out, and note down the
reasons that make you angry. Whether you feel uncomfortable with certain
emotions or whether there is something that is bothering you, but you are
somehow stuck a one-note response to every problem. Emotional and psychological
awareness is going to help you understand yourself that will in turn help you
get better. Recognize the reasons and then only will you be able to work on
them to improve your responses. You will realize that anger is actually a
cover-up for some deep-seated reasons and issue.

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(2)   It is better to
surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, instead of people
who tend activate your negativity. Avoid all those situations that tend to get
you all worked up unnecessarily.

(3)   You need to change your lifestyle.
Probably the whole busy-millennial-corporate lifestyle turns your frustration
into aggression. Wake up early in the morning and take a walk or practice yoga.
If nothing do some breathing exercises once in a while that will help to relax

(4)   While it is natural
to get a little defensive when someone doesn’t agree with you or when someone
criticizes you, but you cannot fight back aggressively. It is important to acknowledge
other person’s opinions about you and your work.

(5)   You
might want to consider some physical sport or activity that can help you
release your intense emotions – boxing, self defense, gym.

It is easy to use inappropriate sarcasm
when angry; resist the temptation to do this and instead work on introducing
some good humor into potentially difficult conversations.