Have meant to be race horses and would bolt

Have you ever wondered what breed of horse you should get? Well, you should get the Arabian. They are beautiful animals that would never try to hurt you. Let me tell you more! Arabians are better horses than Thoroughbreds. Thoroughbreds are meant to be race horses and would bolt almost every five minutes, and that is not good for a beginner. Arabians are different from other breeds, they are very popular and they’re useful.First, Arabians are different from other breeds. To start off, The first passage states, “The breed has one less back vertebrae than other horses.” This means they have a straighter back that is easier to balance on. Thoroughbreds have normal backs so just another reason they’re bad! Not falling off of Arabians… check! After that, AHA also says, “Arabians have a famous ‘floating’ trot. This gives them a perfect balance.” So, you shouldn’t fall off then not ride your horse anymore, and the horse won’t fall and break something (you won’t either!). Now, the website states, “The breed has a very strong bond with humans. They are very smart, strong, fast, and are always wanting to make their owner happy.” They would never hurt you! They are witty and probably don’t spook easily. These are the best breed since they aren’t plain like Thoroughbreds nor wild like Mustangs, but unique like Arabians should be! Next, they are a very popular breed. To begin, another website says, “They are one of the oldest breeds and influenced every other light breed.” If it weren’t for Arabians, Thoroughbreds probably wouldn’t exist. So, be grateful. Arabians are responsible for the other amazing horses, maybe even a Falabella! Also, the first text says, “They have very identifiable characteristics. Some are: it’s dished face, long arching neck, and it’s high tail carriage.” They have many popular characteristics so you know one when you see one! See how beautiful they are, plus recognizable? Thoroughbreds are just plain horses. To wrap up the paragraph, The AHA states, “They were rode by Alexander the Great, George Washington, etc.” How many  famous people besides jockeys who rode Thoroughbreds? None! Now you know they are way more popular than Thoroughbreds. Lastly, they are useful. First,  Website A, “They have been useful 10,000 years ago as transport in Central Arabia.” Haha. See 10,000 years ago. That means Arabians have been useful for a long time. Next, the text said, “They were bred to be war mounts and were quick ways to get into enemy’s camps.” They were used a lot and all Thoroughbreds just race and jump. Look, Arabians are much better. Lastly, Website C states, “Arabians excel in almost every sport.” They can basically do anything! They are so awesome! That is why they are much more useful. Now, some people may say Thoroughbreds are better but they are wrong. People could say, Thoroughbreds are fast race horses that become very popular, like Secretariat. But, that is their main sport. Arabians excel in almost every sport. Marengo was Napoleon’s favorite horse that is one of  the most famous Arabians. Next, others might argue that they come in every single coat color. You’re wrong because Arabians commonly come in roan (having a coat of a main color thickly interspersed with hairs of another color) and every solid color. Thoroughbreds rarely come in any roan. Now you can see, Thoroughbreds don’t really have anything good about them. Arabians really are better than Thoroughbreds in many ways. They are different from other breeds. They are popular. They are useful. I know an Arabian named Rosie. She is the sweetest horse I’ve met that was green or new at the barn. I also know one named Falcon. He is like a toddler and plays with the alpha of the herd; Scooby. Arabians are small and Scooby is a 16.3 hand high Quarter horse so that is shocking! So, they are perfect for beginners since they’re small. After all of that, you should now know Arabians are way better than Thoroughbreds. Unless you’re crazy. Would you like to be thrown off?