Habits most applicable to make your daily lives stress

Habits That Will Help You Live Mindfully Every Day

Meditation, in
general, was for a long time considered to be a path that people with a spiritual bent of mind chose to follow.
The benefits meditation could offer to your physical and mental health was
unraveled and believed to be so only after a number of studies and researchers
in the field convincingly proved it beyond doubt. Even so, with a number of
meditation techniques in practice and new ones that keep cropping up from those
who are practicing it really makes it tough for a beginner to choose and follow
the right meditation for him. Mindful Meditation can be
considered one of the easiest,and ideal
form of meditation as it most applicable to make your daily lives stress free
and anxiety free.

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 Habits die hard goes the saying. But, be
mindful of whateveryou do says mindful
meditation. Mindful meditation holds the key to being able to change your habits,  however
bad they may be to better ones in order to lead a healthy life. Healthy life
here means physical, mental and emotional well-being.  These habits are difficult to cultivate but once done the fruits you enjoy will really make
the effort worthwhile one. You will agree
with me if I say that there are quite a number of things you would be doing
without even knowing that you are doing
it habitually and that it is not good for your health.  Mindful Meditation is all about becoming
aware of each and every move you make to understand its relationship with the whole
you. The awareness will help you identify
your problems and develop a resolve to overcome them. This by itself is the first step towards a healthy life.

Habits that will
help you to be mindful

The habits that
will help you be more aware and mindful include

Physical activity- Physical activity
keeps your body in fine shape and mind in an
active state. It will also help you to ward away chronic diseases and reduces
stress and anxiety.  Habits such as using the stairs instead of
taking an elevator, implementing two-minute
walking habit for every hour that you spend sitting etc are changes that can be
made to the other=wise bad habit of being sedentary.
you will get to know that you have been sedentary only when you practice Mindful

Learn Forgiveness- You can get over the
damage that negative feelings like anger,
stress, and anxiety can cause to your body if you can forgive the person who angered
you even without them having to apologize to you. The lesser the time you are
angry, lesser the damage caused to your
body. Mindfulness Meditation teaches you to replace negativity with positivity
almost instantly, but only with practice.

Eating Healthy-what you eat as well as
how much you eat can affect not only your
body and mind but your sleep too. If you do not get
good sleep, it could lead to stress and other related disorders like
depression. Remember eating is not a pastime.
Cultivating the habit of eating the right food to the extent that you feel;
physically satisfied can be cultivated with Mindful Meditation.

Keep trying new things- Routine can be
boring and demotivating. Trying to do new things that you have not tried before
and engaged yourself in learning new
things will help you avoid boredom and
also help boost your self-esteem and confidence. This will help you in personal

Apart from the
above habits cultivating the habit of spending time with family and friends will help you live a happy life,