GovernmentEducation learn the Shinobi Rules, how to strengthen their

GovernmentEducation As with any school, students are taught a core curriculum of reading, writing, mathematics, science, geography, etc. These lessons are usually taught in a ninja theme, they are learned in order to ease later requirements in techniques and strategies. Students learn the Shinobi Rules, how to strengthen their minds and bodies.They are taken through  methods of wielding ninja weapons and tools, like shurikens and kunais. Academy students also learn about chakra and how to use it. Classes can be split into the basic levels of:-Taijutsu classes are the equivalent of physical education. In taijutsu class, students are in physical activities focusing on how to train their bodies and develop their stamina. -Ninjutsu classes provide the bulk of what the potential ninja learns at the Academy. Students are taught about chakra, how to manipulate it and use hand seals. Ultimately how to use techniques like Transformation Technique and the Clone Technique. Chakra is a combination of physical and spiritual energies that users sense and gather that turns into a power like form.- Genjutsu classes are focused on how to fabricate illusions also more on how they work. Students are taught how to know whether if they are trapped in a genjutsu and then how to release themselves from it. FamilyFamilies are neither patriarchal or matriarchal. You are able to start a family over the age of 18 this is so babies are not abandoned due to neglect of teen parents. In each family the maximum amount of kids is 6 because we do not want to face overpopulation also starvation due to minimal food resources. Women will have monthly gynecologist examination to check when they will ovulate to be aware of when a pregnancy may occur. In scenarios where a woman has four children and is expecting twins is an exception, also being a surrogate mother for a couple in need is an exception as well. Families live in a house that fits their family size for instance a family of four with two 3 year olds(twins), a 12 year old, a 15 year old and 2 parents/guardian will live in a 4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. A room for the  parents/guardians, both the 12 and 15 year olds will each have a room HousingPeople live in separate residences. There are different housing buildings, as soon as you are the age of 18 you are qualified you to move out of the home you are currently living in. You can also remain in your current residence however you are required to move out when you turn the age of 21. By the age of 18 you can only move into an apartment building in order to reduce unnecessary waste of space that could´ve been used by a larger family that will fill all spaces. These apartments come with two bedrooms, a living room area, Kitchen and dining area and one bathroom.MoneyTransportation Methods of transportation are cars, trains, buses, planes. All vehicles are eco friendly in order to reduce carbon footprint. Citizens without a vehicleEnvironment RecreationRecreation time is spent once a resident has finished their occupation for example work,school etc.In Kage Dynasty residents can do thingsEmployment