From to write more concisely. By studying both art

From a young age I have been intrigued by the studies of Art. I began my first creative quest when I had entered a renown Art School in Romania as a child. I had always been intrigued by fine art; photography, painting and drawing. I have taken life drawing classes, sculpture studio lessons, photography studio lessons and painting 

I am fascinated by the great diversity that the study of fine art has to offer. I have actively tried to develop my interest through visiting art galleries and following contemporary artists. I was particularly interested by the 

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One of the things my gap years have helped me with is finding balance and 

I have actively tried to develop my interest through visiting art galleries and following contemporary artists.

I have enjoyed all of my A level subjects and feel they have equipped me with the necessary skills to embark on a Law degree. Studying English Literature has enabled me to develop my analytical skills through exploring a large variety of literary texts. It has also enabled my ability to write more concisely. By studying both art and photography, I have increased my creativity and analytical skills as I am able to be presented with a subject which can be viewed from many angles, having the ability to develop further on one of these perspectives to an extent which reflects my ability

After leaving SixthForm, I suffered with depression and anxiety. This made me take a step back and rethink what I wanted to do long term. Having previously got into university to study Law, I decided this was not the path I wanted to take but merely the path implemented by my siblings. Which made me decide one or two gap years would do me good in deciding where I would like to take my career to next. 

Not long after deciding University was not right for me at that point in time, I had ‘stumbled’ across an opportunity. I was approached by Yves Saint Laurent beauty and got offered an interview on the spot. After talking through my ups and downs from the previous few months they decided to offer me an amazing career opportunity; Account Managing. Being good with numbers, a fast learner and keen in makeup artistry it was a great way to start my year. I have enjoyed my time working as an Account manager and it has helped me to learnt key attributes which will help me long term. Such as organisational skills, meeting deadlines, event planning, setting and meeting targets, proficient account managing and a business frame of mind. But after two years, I have realised I am a creative individual and I needed to explore more of my creative side. I decided to step down and became a Makeup Artist for the brand. This has helped me express my creativity and realise it is time to go back to university and study something I am passionate about. During my liberating move in a creative direction, I fell back in love with art. I have started to paint regularly and visit art galleries. Saatchi in particular is my second home when I feel I need inspiration or I need to get away from the real world.