For an Academy sports and outdoors in San Antonio

For a legislature, there
can be many challenges they face; sometimes having no possibility to actually
fix the situation to its most efficient way. However, they are required to find a proposition for the people.
Politics can be a tricky occupation to be tangled in; you either make a
decision where one side of the party likes while the other dislikes, having no
way for the two to come to a solution where both can be mature. If I had a
chance to sit down and talk to a state legislator, some questions I would focus towards would be on gun laws and the
movement towards background checks at local pawn shops that carry weapons. Also, the degrees and focuses they took towards entering
the political culture.

With the current gun violations and purchases that have
led to horrific deaths including the mass killing in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The
shooter: Devin Patrick
Kelly was able to purchase an automatic rifle at an Academy sports and outdoors
in San Antonio with his background check coming clean. Meanwhile, he was court-martial for
assault on his spouse and child and authorities reported that his assault was
not listed in.the National Criminal Information
Center. After not reporting this into his
background check, this man was able to purchase a
firearm and create a mass murder scene. He
was also arrested on an animal cruelty charge in El paso county, Colorado that was also not added to his criminal history. Just how, as being a legislator, can you help push towards
cases like this to always be put on record even from the smallest form of
breaking the law? How can you work towards background check identifications to
be fully up to date with all records of any criminal activity on’them?

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having such a big title to your name, whether it b_e federal or state legislator, you’ve had to have a very strong educational background to
require an interest towards this type of work. As
a young adult who is fairly interested in politics
and all branches of the law, a question has always wondered in my head as to what
majors did you fo us towards that soon led you to

beholding such a strong title? I can imagine this career
was not you intended to aim towards as a young adult, rather as you developed a better understanding of politics
you had ideas and goals to pursue or improve. Where
in your life did you decide to travel the
government and politics road and set your priorities to being elected as a

In conclusion, this particular branch of government tends to
catch my eye every time I read or research it. It would be great to get down to
the basics of this the legislature title to fulfill a fact based rather than
biased background. Politics
is one of the biggest
conversation starters for centuries and to understand a little bit more around this topic would be greatly appreciated.