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First, Dr. King talks about how human freedom has been a long-term coming, however, the international has sooner or later reached the factor where human beings everywhere are demanding that their rights be reputable. Oppressors are spotting that that might just be an amazing idea.Then he talks approximately the problem to hand, the Memphis sanitation strike, urging the target market to stay unified of their dedication to nonviolent activism and reminding them that nonviolence executed tremendous victories for the Civil Rights motion inside the recent past.three. next is a little interlude: King takes a moment to praise the non-secular leaders in the room for recognizing that this global is important, now not simply the subsequent. he is satisfied they are assisting the needy in material ways in addition to religious. because it’d be best to virtually want to stick around for a while—who knows if they have cheese in heaven? Plus, every person needs shoes.speaking of which, King asks the target market to do extra than just march. He wants them to mix their financial energy and most effectively deliver money to businesses that put into effect honest exertions practices, especially toward African American people. He also needs them to strengthen Black corporations, because it really is a win-win: extra cash, fewer troubles.To drive a majority of these directives domestic, Dr. King reminds his audience of the coolest Samaritan, who’s basically that dude who constantly does everything proper and all of us thinks he is such a nice man and also you type or do not like him because his very lifestyles makes you sense bad for now not measuring up but you can not pretty no longer like him because, to be honest, he genuinely is a virtually tremendous man. So King tells anybody to place on their Samaritan pants and first-class up: it is each person’s responsibility to help everybody else. even if it the end, King reflects on his paintings within the Civil Rights movement and ponders his personal mortality, speculating that others may need to cross on without him. he’s proper. nevertheless, he stays confident that justice will succeed.