Fine aggregate is an essential component of concrete

Fine aggregate is an essential component of concrete. The global consumption of natural river sand is very high due to the extensive use of concrete. In particular, the demand for natural river sand is quite high in developed countries owing to infrastructural growth. In this situation some developing countries are facing a shortage in the supply of natural sand. The non-availability of sufficient quantity of ordinary river sand for making cement concrete is affecting the growth of the construction industry in many parts of the country. Therefore, the construction industries in developing countries are under stress to identify alternative materials to reduce the demand on river sand. In order to reduce the dependence on natural aggregates as the main source of aggregates in concrete, artificially manufactured aggregates and artificial aggregates generated from industrial wastes provide an alternative for the construction industry. Some alternative materials have already been used in place of natural river sand. For example, fly ash, slag and lime stone, siliceous stone powder, rock dust and quarry waste were used in concrete mixture as a partial replacement of natural sand. Hence the assumption is granite powder aggregate could be an alternative to natural sand in preparation of concrete.