Fake you wishes with all the discounts offers, reviews,


Fake Online Store:

No, this is not what you are
thinking. You are not cheating on anyone here. You are just creating a Glass
mode of store where you display all the products you wishes with all the
discounts offers, reviews, specification, prices and when the user clicks the
buy now link you take them to the real online store from where you took the
affiliate marketing. Neither is this Drop shipping, as for drop shipping is
concerned you tie up with the business holder and you pass on the customer
shipment data to their database with the price of the products after deducting
your own expenses. Both Store doesn’t requires any inventory holding cost as
the similarity.

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Success of these fake store
depends on how well is your site SEOs and generally these sites requires tones
of quality content in articles and video format. So don’t worry, this is
totally legal!

Drop shipping:

It is a supply chain mechanism
where your store does not need to keep goods in stock instead your online store
transfer the client’s order and shipment details to respective manufacturer or
another retailer. Thus the dropshipper is free of inventory cost and the risk of
shipping the goods.


The dropshipper himself can set the price of the
products which is impossible in fake online store.

The dropshipper doesn’t keep Inventory of
products thus its zero cost inventory system.

Low cost Start up mechanism.

Fewer skills needed to set up and maintain

Wooh! Amazing system, isn’t it?

Check some of the best Dropshippers:
Salehoo, Alibaba, Wholesale Center

@@ check amazon dropshppin



Sell your own products using Website:

Do you own a business? Do you face
trouble marketing your products?  Sell it
over Internet.

Best way to grab attention of
millions of customers to your business is by selling products over internet.
You products can be simple as designer coffee mug, t-shirt to a wide range of sophisticated
machine tools and softwares.

Key advantages:

Flexible market place.

Easy target the quality customer through various
online ads mechanism.

Worldwide market.

No profit sharing to any third party.

The minor con in setting up you
own online store is that you yourself have to market the product and thus
increased marketing and inventory cost. Once a strong hold is maintained among competitor
then you just need to maintain a good relationship with your clients. Some best
web based product sellers are Adobe, Microsoft.

Sell Merchandise and Earn Passive Income:

The prerequisite to sell
merchandise is that you need to have an own brand value and fan following. Many
YouTubers sale merchandise which include T-shirts, handicrafts, toys, puzzles,
phone cover etc. The well-known YouTubers who makes tonnes out of merchandise
are Markiplier, Pew di Pie, and Dudes Perfect.

They sell specially designed
product for their audience. Once designed & store is ready, they with
minimal work earn huge passive income.