Executive with issue and crisis management by improving decision


This report focuses on the “Security of personal data is critical
area of issue and crisis management”. In formulating the report on this topic,
I have considered two environments for representing personal data. One side depicts
the personal data of a firm as a single entity and the other one represents
personal data of an individual as an entity. This report also highlights the key
issues faced when dealing with personal data and how they impact issue and
crisis management in a broader spectrum.

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Issue and crisis management

When an issue or crisis situation arises it is important to have certain
principles which will help in addressing and mitigating the crisis scenario.
Here are few principles:

term effect


media monitoring



decision making


Security of personal data:

According to European Union agency for network and information
security, security of personal data is growing immensely everyday due to spike
in number of internet users, mobile applications and IoT devices. In addition
to that, security of personal data has gained significance due to system
vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks. As we are speaking about security, it is
essentially important to have harmony of availability, integrity and
confidentiality of the data to ensure the proper functioning of issue and
crisis management.

Security gives an added advantage as a support system when dealing
with issue and crisis management by improving decision making, information
accuracy, strategy management, etc.


Key Supportive points:

By considering the various issue and crisis management case
studies which involved the security aspect of the business continuation,
According to Techworld staff some of the latest and largest technology breaches
involved organizations such as Clarkson’s, Uber, Deloitte, Equifax, etc and
considering various attacks on individuals such as Phishing scams, Ransomware,
identity theft. In addition to the case studies, Issue and crisis management
principles are considered when identifying support points. I’ve identified few
of the important points which will support the main idea of the report. Below
listed support points are:


considering the issue and crisis management, Anonymity plays a key role in
solving the issue. When the source that is mitigating the issue or crisis is exposed
to the world during a crisis scenario it will get difficult to gain control
over the process which lead to inefficiencies or influence biased decision
making. Anonymity certainly adds to maintaining secrecy of the issue and crisis
management process altogether. Anonymity can be achieved by implementing accountability,
identity and access management at every step of the process    

Competitive advantage:

                               When security of
data is breached all the information of an organization or individual is
available to the hacker, competitor or who ever it may be depending on the
case. In this scenario, It is clearly evident that the opposite party has the
opportunity to use available information such as strategy, financial reports,
budgets, Project’s, client details, payrolls, employee contacts, third party information
and outsourcing details. At the same time, when the organization or the
individual is in the issue or crisis it will be a plus point for the opposition
to damage the victim ever more and gain competitive advantage or upper hand
over victim which can cause serious damages to victim in market, industry
circle, law enforcement issue, etc.  



                                During issue or crisis
management scenarios, Information which will be communicated to the
stakeholders must go through various revisions among the executives or top-level
decision makers. It can be clearly understood that only important, relevant,
necessary and strategic information will be communicated to ensure the
transparency. However, In the event of information breach opposition will have
the capability to communicate or release the unintended information which may
cause to privacy breach.



                              Reputation of an
individual or an organization plays a key role in establishing who they are in
the world. When information is breached, it can cause reputational damage to
the victim who can cost the firm with loss of customers, losing market share, reduced
share prices, intervention of law enforcement, etc. Similarly, When the
information of an individual is breached it can be clearly seen that the
reputation of the individual is at stake as it can be used the perpetuator to
defame the individual in numerous ways by stealing their identity and misusing
it several ways on social media, media, etc.



                               When the
information of an organization is breached, it is clearly evident that this may
be used against them in the market or the industry to create a challenging
environment to the victim by attacking their strategy, competitive advantage and
capabilities. Competitors. This may lead to classic action law suits and much
more especially during times of crisis management.  


data loss:

                                 Financial data,
play’s a critical and a fair part in the information set of an organization or
individual equally. In the issue and crisis scenarios, securing financial data
is highly important as it may lead to financial hijacking or ransom demands
over issue or crisis settlements. When the financial data of the individual is
vulnerable, the financial identity of the individual itself is at risk which
may include Account details, Security details, Credit details, Loan details,
Release notes, etc. Financial details of the victim play a key role in generating
a crisis or mitigating one.


From the above points we can clearly estimate the significance of
security of personal data in issue and crisis management scenarios. Personal information
can be used against or can be used as an empowering tool during issue and
crisis management. By maintaining integrity, availability and confidentiality of
personal information it will bring a sense of capability to deal with the issue
and crisis. Moreover, Security of personal data should be seen as a competitive
advantage in today’s world of cyber technological advancements.