Electrical their composites, and characterization for their applicability and

Electrical energy storage
plays a vital role in daily life. Energy conversion and energy storage
become a global concern and hence the fabrication is immensely challenging. Our
research is focused on improving the energy density/unit volume of
electrochemical capacitors, in large scale and

Two-dimensional (2D) materials became
hot topic after the discovery of graphene’s unique electronic properties. The 2D
transition metal carbides and carbonitrides are MXenes. MXenes are produced by etching
of the “A” metal from MAX phases. MXenes offer excellent mechanical properties,
hydrophilic surfaces, and high metallic conductivity.
Pseudocapacitors possess higher capacitances
and lowered cycling stability. With MXene electrodes, the device can be
charged in seconds. The ports are Redox Active sites, responsible for high
energy density for SCs. Due to this, MXene present
them as promising electrode materials for supercapacitors.

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the proposed work, we are committed to accelerate the research towards the
emerging field of MXenes based energy storage devices. MXenes are good choice because
of the conventional architecture. Inserting polymers or CNTs between MXene
layers enables easy electrolyte diffusion and high performance.


      a. Objective:

To fabricate innovative electrodes for
supercapacitors/batteries by developing MXenes and their
composites to
achieve high power and energy density storage applications.

Designing and Synthesis
of MXenes (Nb2C) and their composites, and characterization for
their applicability and efficiency as 
electrode materials for energy storage

Fabrication of electrodes for better storage capacity
with special attention to novel electrolytes

Fabrication of the prototypes (coin cells/pouch cells)




Here the base
material chosen is Nb2C will be etched from the MAX phase Nb2AlC
with the help of hydrofluoric acid. This will produce a colloidal solution and
after filtration MXene will be formed (Nb2CTx). The
suspension solution contains a multilayered MXene (MI-Nb2CTx)
will be taken into the process of intercalation and delamination. After the
process a fluid contains the supernatant Nb2CTx MXene will be moved into the
preparation of the composite material Nb2CTx/Polypyrrole or PVA by the drop
wise addition of Polymer into the MXene by magnetic stirring or electrospinning
method. Using of 1M LiPF6 organic electrolyte and Polypyrrole separator,
electrochemical performance will be carried out. Structural and morphological
characterizations will also be performed.

are noticeable in the field of transportation pertaining to Electric Vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles.
They can be a replacement for batteries in electric vehicles and SC-based
modules can be used in start-stop application in hybrids.

Supercapacitors are also used in medical applications like in defibrillators
where they can deliver 500 joules to shock the heart back into sinus rhythm.


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