Education be? a. Helps reduce the amount of students

Education and Schooling


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A.      Imagery (Kindergarten-graduation of High School)

B.      “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” -Nelson Mandela

C.       Topic sentence/thesis statement

First main point (strongest)

A.      What causes dropouts?

1.       Stress

2.       Lack of parental guidance

a.       Family issues

b.       Personal issues

3.       Struggles in academics

B.      Procrastination

1.       Set your mind to something you want to achieve

2.       Keep everything organized

C.       Controversial Issue

1.       What would the positive outcomes be?

a.       Helps reduce the amount of students who don’t show an interest in school

b.       Sets students up for a great future

c.        Provides students with the proper education

                                                               i.      Gets students ready for their career

2.       What would the negative outcomes be?

a.       Less likely to find a job

b.       Unable to attend colleges


Second main point (second strongest)

A.      Educational Laws

1.       State Laws Vary

a.       Children enter school at age 5 or 6

b.       Graduate school around age of 18

2.       Students can dropout at age of 18

a.       Need parental consent if under 18

                                                               i.      Begins at age 16

1.       Not recommended to drop out at age of 16

B.      Diploma

1.       Students receive their diploma once they finish high school

a.       Or complete the classes required for graduation

2.       Graduation begins after 12th grade

C.       GED (General Educational Development)

1.       Makes it harder to locate and find a job with little school experience

2.       Students who wish to dropout have the choice to receive their GED

a.       GED is received after passing a test

b.       Equivalent to a standard High School Diploma

Third main point (weakest)

A.      Jobs

1.       Some employers only look at applications of those who have completed high school

2.       Some accept those who hold a GED

a.       Not having a GED may put your future at stake

B.      Military

1.       Students can enlist in a branch of the military

2.       Students who don’t hold a diploma or equivalent are unable to join the military

a.       Joining military requires passing an ASVAB test

C.       College

1.       Students who drop out will not be able to join college

2.       College school board will not even consider those who haven’t finished high school


A.      Restate topic/ Thesis statement

B.      “The direction in which educations starts a man will determine his future in life” -Plato

C.       Revisit introduction or tie all ideas together

a.       Not all classes taken in high school may be beneficial

                                                               i.      Still provides individuals with useful information