During the errors which I encountered while I was

During my observation, I noticed some
common patterns of errors in my writing. Some of them are easy to modify, which
can be avoided if I can proofread before I submit, such as wrong word,
spelling, comma splice, error with a quotation, and missing capitalization. As
regards to clarity purpose and translation, I feel there were enough clarity
and purpose in the delivery and the message translation was efficient enough. I
believe I was able to effectively finesse in my points to ensure the perception
of the reader is convinced while ensuring an audience focused approach. Given
the errors which I encountered while I was involved in the writing process, I
believe the purpose was still accomplished regardless and effective
communication was successfully achieved. However critical errors such as
grammar and sentence structure errors require extensive practice to improve
self-awareness for these errors. The following are some grammar errors that I
made in my before writing assignments.