During start shouting “fire, fire, fire” and Jack led

During a war an airplane carrying British
boys crashes in the Pacific. All the boys the pilot who was the only grown
up among them. Ralph, a handsome boy with fair
hair and whose father works in the English military, is the first to be
introduced in the story. Along with Ralph is Piggy. Piggy is a chubby, short
boy who wears glasses and has asthma.

Ralph finds a conch shell in the sea and uses it as a trumpet to call
the remaining survivors from the crash site. Throughout the book, the conch is
used as a symbol of civilization, order, and power. When he blows the conch he
starts seeing presence of life on the beach. The first boy who follows the
sound of the conch is Johnny, then the twins, then few younger boys, and, at
last, Jack, who is accompanied by his choir.  

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They ask for a chief and they all voted for
Ralph to be their leader. Ralph, being in charge now, choses Jack to be the
leader of the hunting group. Then Ralph chooses Simon and Jack to go with him
to explore the island. During their expedition they climbed a mountain, where
they realized that they are on deserted island. They decided to go down the
mountain and go back to the other boys. On their way they find
a pig and Jack boldly decides to kill it, but he hesitates and the pig runs

Blowing the conch, Ralph calls an assembly.

He talks about having a signal fire so the ships passing by could notice the
smoke and could come to rescue them. A young boy with a huge birth mark on his
face is pushed forward by the littuns to talk for them. He asked Ralph, “What are
you going to do about the snake thing, it was a beastie.” Ralph tells them that
there is no such thing as the beastie. The rest of the boys
were already overwhelmed because of the fire, so they all start shouting “fire,
fire, fire” and Jack led them into the woody part
of the island. They make fire using Piggy’s glasses, but soon the fire becomes
uncontrollable and burns many tress. The littlun with the large birth mark
vanishes that night, no one knows what happened to him.

Jack becomes very jealous of Ralph having all
the authority, so he tries to tell the other boys that they should spend most
of their energy in hunting rather than maintaining the signal fire. One of the
boys helps Ralph to make huts where they could be safe during storms and rain.

Jack takes all the older boys, including those who should be maintaining the
fire with him for hunting. While Jack and his hunters are in the jungle
hunting, a ship passes by the island, but the fire is already out. This make
Ralph very angry. When Jack returns with his hunters, Ralph starts shouting at
them, and so does Piggy. Jack, who is not liking Piggy and Ralph, loses his
temper and hits Piggy in his stomach nd breaks one of the lenses in his
glasses. The hatred towards Ralph is growing in Jacks mind like a wild flower.

No one needs to water it or take care of it, the wild itself is helping in its

Ralph calls a meeting trying to set
everything right. The meeting becomes chaotic when some of the boys start
talking about some sort of beast. The previous night when everyone was sleeping,
there was an air battle far away one of the dead parachutists landed on the
island, the boys who were on fire duty thought it was some kind of beast.

When the littluns heard about the beast they
started having nightmares every other night. Seeing this, Ralph decides that
all the older boys except for Piggy will go into the jungle to kill the beast.

They searched everywhere but they did not find anything. They came across a
dark cave and because it was night time and most of the boys did not want to go
there and search, Ralph decides that he will go alone. Soon after Jack
accompanies him. When they went to the cave, which is located on a mountain,
they see the shadow of the dead parachutist, and they misunderstood it with a
beast. They felt frightened and start to run away. Though Ralph explains to
Piggy the mysterious dark thing which he saw in the cave but Piggy remained

The very next morning Jack opposes Ralph’s
power and he asks all those who are in his favor to raise their hands, but no
one does. Ralph remained their chief. Jack got angry and he leaves the group. Saying,
“Those who want to hunt and have fun can follow me.”

Soon enough, Ralph was left only with the
twins and Piggy. All the older boys joined Jack. Jack leads his hunters to “Castle
Rock” (which is on the other side of the island) and they all settle there.

Jack paints his hunters in color, “Behind which they hid,
liberated from shame and self-consciousness.” (4:34) They became savages. Jack
decides that he will throw a feast with the meat which they will hunt, and he
will invite Ralph and the other boys to join his tribe.

Some of Jack’s hunters are very afraid of the
beast, but Jack tells them to forget about the beast (8:168). The savages go
into the forest and kill a pig, and Jack decides that he will leave the head of
the pig on a stick as an offering to the beast so that he do not come out to
feed on his hunters.


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