During, number of different health care providers are very

During, the civic meeting I attended there was a man who is now House of Representative of Michigan. Have you guessed who he would be? If you guessed Abdullah Hammoud, you are correct. I learned about who he was and what his involvement in the community was. He graduated and got his bachelor’s in science from University of Michigan-Dearborn. He then graduated from University of Michigan- Ann Arbor with Masters in Public Health.  For three years, Representative Hammoud worked as a health care consultant at a Center for the Healthcare Research and Transformation. The Oak Street health in Detroit is where it was held at. He was mostly talking about is the number of different kinds of health care providers which are available for Medicare and Seniors. Also, the number of different health care providers are very low. In less than two years, Oak Street health which is a healthcare provider for seniors. The number of patients that have been out of the hospital due to the care they provide. The Oak Street Health went up to 70%. That is a lot, imagine going from a very low amount of healthcare providers to 70% within just two years at Oak Street health it was to help others realize that there are doctors and nurses who care about you. You might ask yourself who is Oak Street Health? It’s a health provider Center where they look for primary care clinics that interest you with doctor you need  and provide the best ability to make your visit happy and a success. A senior needs to be taken care of especially in United States. Many of these people have no money to manage those medical bills. What Oak Street health does is find yourself a primary care clinic for the seniors within Medicare. In Michigan, I know people who take advantage of the fact someone is old. I got more research about Oak Street Health and about what it was all about let me tell you I was very impressed. The tremendous amount of work they do for their patients is an amazing opportunity. A senior citizen should be looked up upon, its not easy-going for those who have Medicare.  Not only are the seniors benefiting but as a healthcare provider the ones providing their time and effort feel like they accomplished  something. What they do is try to make the patient stay more healthy they take care of them and make sure they’re living a healthy life. As I was at this meeting I stepped outside and try to learn more about the Oak Street health center in Detroit. As I learned about a representative who lived in Michigan and provided services within the public health which he has a Master degree in. I did not know single word about who are Michigan State Representative is. From that meeting I learned so much and appreciate everything he’s done for the community. He didn’t only care about health he also cared about our civil rights as United States citizens. Ever since this meeting I have searched him up and tried digging into what he mostly interested in. I learned in every Clinic they have a community room and they have like Fitness classes, learning about technology, and even movie nights. They are very fortunate to have all these. People are dying and don’t even have Medicare so for them to get all these opportunities they are concerned lucky. The Oak Street Health is just to provide the service you need within the doctor that interests you. I worked at a medical office and I knew how hard it was to get denied because of your Medicare. And some doctor offices don’t accept a certain health care provider. My overall impression of all civic meeting that was held at Oak Street Health in Detroit was I learned the health care providers for seniors in Michigan is very low. Due to health providers at Oak Street Health they provide seniors with what they want. They are trying to make them healthy and let them know they are there for them. What I like about the Civic meeting everyone was so nice. I got to talk to the Representative Hammoud and I asked him a couple questions. He was very respectful with answering my questions and gave me every detail I need to know about healthcare. I then walked around talking to the seniors who actually attend the meeting with our Representative Hammoud. Also what I like those seniors we’re actually patients from the Oak Street Health from all clinics within Michigan. Another thing I like usually it’s so uncomfortable when I attend a meeting within our community. I get stares from people because of what I wear which is my head scarf known as a hijab. But they were actually very respectful and I got lots of questions about why I wore it and etc. Also, what I disliked about the meeting was the space I felt like I was trapped in a small room when the space could have been bigger. There were a lot of people and those people of course were patients who attended Oak Street Health before. All together, it was an amazing experience I learned a lot and it kind of opened me from my comfort zone. There were a lot of questions at the end. I learned about things I’ve never learned or heard a word about in my entire life. I just sometimes don’t have interests even though as a United States citizen I need to know my rights about health care providers and which is the best choice for me. I give appreciation to the ones who work for Oak Street Health. They changed many lives across the United States and not just Michigan. A lot of senior citizens get taken advantage of because of their disability or medical problems. That honestly makes me sad because it’s like are you trying to save a life or making people die faster and not making anything to provide people from dying. Make a cure or even making someone’s day by telling them there not alone helps. Heba Fakherdine, was a big help she was someone who worked there as a healthcare provider at Oak Street Health. She helped me understand what the Oak Street Health was all about. The Oak Street Health is a good opportunity for those who have Medicare and trying to find the doctor and their best interests. There are many Clinics that provide everything a hospital would provide for senior citizens.