Due:1/22/18 this war epic to appreciate the challenges that


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            The two films I watched by Steven Spielberg
were “Saving Private Ryan” and “Schindlers List” captured interesting elements
of mise en scene and uses of editing. Mise-en scene, Literally means, “to
put on stage” or “placing of a scene” in French, its used to
describe the visual aspects that appear within a single shot. Originally it was
used in theatre but is now common use in cinema. The movie “Saving Private Ryan”
was filmed using different lighting techniques to capture the mise en scene,
arrangement and design elements to capture the visuals of the movie, and was
critical to capture the mood of the film. Also its important to understand the
story and setting of this war epic to appreciate the challenges that were faced
in the lighting and editing of the film scenes. 

            I’m going to start with the movie “Saving
Private Ryan”, in this film I want to focus on the mise en scene. The movie was
set in world war 2 and the main plot focused on the search for the lost brother
of 4. Capturing the mood and outdoor scenes was made possible by using natural
lighting and flat lighting to soften textures and colors positioning of the
actors and props positioned to the camera angles and lens sections capture the
scenes of combat. Use of lighting and camera angles help. Resignation to the
groups fate in pursuing the feudal order that wouldn’t change the likely reality
of the situation. Indoor lighting consisted of traditional three-point lighting
that captured the mood as well as flat lighting at the lens to keep the shots
subtle and muted while allowing the shadows and actor positioning to take full
advantage of the three-point Arrangements. A good example of mise en scene would
be in the final scenes in the cemetery is shot in both natural lighting and
traditional three-point lighting. The scene is very vivid with the flags in the
background behind the final resting place of so many American dead. The viewer is
supposed to see the reality of the sacrifices that were made to save private Ryan.

            throughout Schindler’s List Spielberg
uses a large amount of parallel editing, or crosscutting, a cinematic
convention in which two or more scenes in the same time period are interwoven
with each other. Parallel editing is used to expand on the difference between
the hardships of the Jews and the comfort and optimism of Schindler and the
Nazis in Poland. In the broadest sense, it demonstrates the powerful contrast
between happiness and sadness. Two scenes demonstrate the powerful impact of
parallel editing that traditional editing of the story could not have produced.
In one of the first scenes, Schindler moves into his luxury apartment in the
town of Kraków a southern Poland city near
the border of the Czech Republic, known for its well-preserved medieval core
and Jewish quarter. Anyways, soon after the Jewish owners were
evacuated by the Nazis and sent to the Kraków ghetto. In the second example,
three scenes overlap each other, Schindler is celebrating his birthday while a
wedding takes place in the labor camp, and Goeth beats Helen Hirsch. These
expertly edited scenes leave an impression on the viewer for several reasons.