Donald uniqueness through each of these different perspectives such

Olsen studies the city as a work of art. sees the city in 5 different
perspective: a luxury, monument, home, playground and as a document. In each of
them, he describes their uniqueness through each of these different perspectives
such as for playground, for example, he talks about London and its hidden
pleasures and to children, there are hidden pleasures on playgrounds. He uses
and compares the city to other places and what they stand for. And I wouldn’t
add any viewpoints to his list because all 5 of the perspectives that he
listed, they immaculately explain the cities and there are no other ways.

Lynch’s idea of legibility is that he wants to concentrate on the city’s image.

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Focuses on not only the parts that are easily recognized at first glance but
also the patterns within it. With different cities, comes with different
regions and landmark. The legibility of the city is not the only thing that is
important but the overall environment that comes with it. When you’re traveling
in the city, it’s rare to get lost in it when you have things such as a GPS,
street numbers, maps, etc. The only way to find your destination in the city is
by looking at your surroundings, look at what’s legible. We automatically can
sense when we’re in a safe environment or not and can be scared when we’re
somewhere that’s not familiar to us.

Michel de Certeau, place is an order that is given with elements that are
distributed in relationships of coexistence while practiced space is when there’s
a reflection of direction, velocities and time variables. In the video, “How Michel
de Certeau inspired Pokémon Go,” it mentioned that a place
is a physical setting/location and it can be transformed into space by human
interaction, stories and narratives. Pokémon went from being a place to a
space because it used to be just physical setting where you’re sitting in your
living room watching an episode but now you can get up and interact with other
people, walking around in the streets trying to find Pokémons

learning about place and practiced space, I would consider campus as a
practiced space because it where there are students, faculties and others are
interacting with each other and it’s where relationships are developed. These
human interactions are creating stories and narrative between everyone who are
interacting at the place. Without people on campus, it would be a place but due
to people there interacting with one another it changes into a practiced space.