Do people feel that people shouldn’t have certain guns,

Do we need Gun

Recently the country has witnessed and faced tremendous number of shooting
and incidents within communities, schools, offices, and the public. Although,
this topic is controversial and complicated, it affects a large amount of
people within our society. However, written in the United States Amendment
states the right to bear and hold fire arms. Stating, “A well-regulated
Militia, being necessary to the security of free state, the right of the people
to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Which leads to the question,
should more gun laws be put to place? Do we need it? And after all, there
tragic incidents, why is it ok to bear and carry fire arms?

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was a cold day at Sandy Hook Elementary School in
Newtown, Connecticut. Adam Lanza, who had just killed his mother and took her
taken her AR-15 and two handguns. By 9:30am he had made his way to the elementary school where he
committed the most disturbing and
worst of killing twenty-seven
innocent young kids.  Twenty of those young kids and seven of them adults.
He then took his own life. Adam
Lanza was said to have mental disability but that still shouldn’t be any excuse
for murder.  The county was mournful
after Sandy Hook. And, according to the Washington Times, “Over half of the shooters within the past
hundred years, have had serious mental illness. Depression and paranoid
schizophrenia is the most common. One-third of the shooters sought out mental
care prior to committing the shootings”. The big debate on gun control has brought a
great deal of attention over the past years. Some people feel that all gun
should be outlawed, some feel that guns aren’t that problem, some people feel
that certain people shouldn’t have
guns, some people feel that people shouldn’t have certain guns, and some people
feel completely differently. Some people feel that guns are the cause of many
crimes in the United States, and even though that maybe they’re given right by
the second amendment right. Many others feel that guns aren’t the problem
people are. However, The U.S has the top
amount gun incidents and gun related deaths every year. The U.S
faces 33,000 gun deaths the U.S sees per year And, it is vital to have some sort of gun control (which
congress has passed bills about) but what is needed is stricter gun laws that
restrict citizens from owing heavy artillery such as machine guns, AK-47’s and
such. Which will also help support and best fit both sides pro-gun control and anti-gun
control. The country is very divided and people who are anti-gun control are in
more favor due to the fact that the 2nd Amendment protects their
right to own a firearm. If that amendment changes, there is not much to do but
create better laws and control as much as possible who is able to actually own
a firearm.


Therefore, elucidating the impression that, there are so many there are
so many argumentative points on why so many Americans are anti-gun laws and gun
control.  U.S civilians use guns to
defend themselves and others from crime. Thus, the need of owning and keeping a
fire am data shows that “surveys of 4,977 households found that 4,977
households found that over the previous 5 years at least 3.5% of households had
numbers who had used a gun for self-protection of property at home, work or elsewhere.”
In which the data grew to 1,029,615 such incidents per year. The biggest part
of deaths connected to guns is between young men, most likely killed in
incidents such as homicide, were these meant were more likely to die at the
hands of other young men too, which is also often related to gang affiliation
and/ or another street violence. Arguing that no gun owner randomly goes into
the gun store to buy an assault weapon unless otherwise. Whilst, The National
Rifle Association (NRA) feels that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”
this is also the slogan for the NRA.  The NRA encourages strong firearms in a way
that is appropriate.  Also, studies have been done on children of
all races who are exposed to gun violence. Though, violent behaviors start from
within the environment where children have been exposed too. According to the
Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “It should be examined further since
multiple acts of violent behaviors with guns continued to plague our society.
In what ways can we stop gun violence from killing our children? Psychologists
are interested in this question, and one answer is stop protecting firearms.”  In argument that guns don’t kill, people do.


           Nevertheless, it is important in arriving at
such a conclusion to recognize that there is no wrong or right on this topic.
Both Arguments are strong and both state key points and neither can be
concluded as right or wrong. We
can’t take the privilege from others to possess weapons. In any case, the government
should try to take control the sorts of firearms Americans possess and can
possess since conditions are different now and American’s psychological welfare
structure is broken.