discriminate in denial, see what towards reality, or stay

discriminate based on race or gender. In the article, “The Racial Structure of Economic Inequality in the United States: Understanding Change and Continuity in an Era of “Great Divergence,” Rodney Hero states that, “But even as the claims of a post racial wave arose and receded, the country’s political discourse continued to imply a separation between “racial” and “economic” issues and public policies. Some of the most widely circulated analysis and critiques of rapidly growing income inequality were framed in purely economic terms, with little or no reference to race” (Hero, Morris, 492). There should be a country of equal protection under the law with equal opportunity for everyone. If people would like to be post-racial one day, keep on living in denial, see what towards reality, or stay conceited. One of the things that people has always been faced with the problem of discrimination. It is one of the major problem and most discussed topics throughout history. Most countries are most likely at least one type of discrimination that affects different people. What discrimination really is the denial of equal rights or opportunity for a group of people who might be differentiated by things like their skin color, gender, or even religion. In the article, “At a Loss for Words: Measuring Racial Inequality in America,” Major Coleman states that, “Anyone, Black or white, can have bias. When applied to racial equality, the natural bias of the group in power to favor those perceived to be their own can have a devastating effect on those not in power. However, bias may apply to individuals as well as groups” (Coleman, 180). When an individual holds a one-sided point of view, people claim him or her of being prejudiced or having a bias. People on a single bases are willing to explain situations in biased ways, often based people share. People tend to make mistakes in thinking when they handle information.