Dhimber food through agriculture with time. While oil, coal

                     Dhimber                                         (Not a real location)We  need  food, water, Air(wind), land, forests, coal, oil, minerals, wildlife, sunlight  and  timber  to survive.Without  all  these  resources, we  can’t  live.We  need  air  to  breath, land  to  live  on, water, food  to  eat, timber, coal, oil, animals, sunlight  and minerals  to meet  our  needs.For  example, Texas  has  Air, food, water(rivers), arable land, Trees, sunlight, wildlife  and  minerals  that’s  why  people  are  living  in  it  and it  is  a successful  settlement.This  article  will  further  explain:http://traveltips.usatoday.com/list-texas-natural-resources-61589.htmlAll  of  the  resources  which  we  need  to  survive  were  made  from  pressure  and  heat, climate  and  uneven  heating from  the  sun.For  example: Sunlight, land, water, air, forests  are  in  this  world  ever  since  the  earth  is  formed  and  food  was  there  in  form  of  animals  but  human  made  their own  food  through  agriculture  with  time. While  oil, coal  are  formed  by  heat  and  pressure  and  also  from  uneven  heating  from  the  sun.Hydropower  is  made  by humans  with  the  use  of  rivers.All  these  resources  are  generally  located  all  of  the  world.For  example, land, water, , air, sunlight, food, animals  are  present  in  every  settlement.While  minerals, coal , oil  are  present  in  specific  parts  of  the  world.For  example, gold  and  diamonds  are  mostly  present  in  russia  and  hydropower  mostly  is  in  china  because  it  has  rivers  and  oil  is  present where  plants  and  lived  millions  of  years  ago  and  then  died  and  buried  there.Dhimber  has  almost  every  resource  which  people  need  to  survive.Apart  from  land, air, food, water, sunlight, and  animals  which  are  the  basic  resources  and  present  all  over  the  world, Dhimber  has  forests(timber), coal, oil  and  many  minerals.Dhimber  has  wildlife  because  of  forests  which  are  on  the  rocky mountains  and  the  river  also  comes  from  the  mountains  and  most  of  the  minerals, oil  and  coal  are  also  found  in  rocky  mountains  in  Dhimber’s  nearby  area.Most  of  the  resources  are  in  Dhimber  but  some  of  the  them  are  nearby  Dhimber  like  coal, oil, minerals and  forests  are  nearby  Dhimber.These  resources  will  be  safe  to  get  because  Dhimber  has  a  river  on  its  three  sides  and  most  of  the  resources  are  on  the  other  sides.This  article  will  further  explain  the  resources  on mountains(remember  Dhimber  also has  many  plane  land):https://sciencing.com/list-montana’s-natural-resources-6862231.htmlDhimber  is  still  the  best  spot  during  a  zombie  outbreak  due to  its  Geography and  it  has  all  the  resources  which  we  need  to  survive and  it  has  a  river  on  its  three  sides, so, during  the  zombie  attack  people  can  cross  the  river  and  go  to  the  other  sides  and  will  be  able  to  survive  because  the  resources  are  present  all  around  the  Dhimber.