DePonte, Hands down, the most notable of all techniques

DePonte, DonovanBritney HagiharaPhotography 1, pd. 629 November 2017Favorite Photographer essay Ansel Adams, THE most famous landscape photographer, was an American photographer and environmentalist who captured the beauty and perfection of nature through a simple picture. Known as the “Supreme Master of Landscape Photography, it is of no surprise that his published books are referred to as the bibles of photography. Long deceased, his work is the very embodiment of humble beginnings and continues to inspire people to this day. Born into a wealthy family on February 20, 1902, the Adam’s family lived off the coast of the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. At the age of four, he had broken his nose, a scar that set him apart from the rest of the crowd for the rest of his life, as a result of the aftershocks from The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. The following year, the New York stock exchange fell more than 50%, causing his family to lose much of their acquired wealth during the financial panic. Ansel was never the type to fit in and had trouble making friends at all the schools his parents sent him to. At the age of 12, he taught himself to play the piano and read music and believed music was his passion and only dreamed of becoming a future concert pianist. It wasn’t till he was in his late 20’s that he realized that photography was his passion. In all success stories, there was always an inspiration, a motivation, to be on of the greats. Ansel Adams was merely influenced by the beauty of Yosemite, a source for many of his best photographs. The reason Adams influences me, is I too am in love with nature photography and spend a great amount of time photographing while hiking through popular trails. Photography for me has always been one of my favorite side passions. The beauty of a waterfall and the emotions it evokes is what many people live for. Cameras have taken a huge leap in technology since the first camera obscuras and we are able to get any desired effect almost instantly. But back in the day, scientific equations and steps were undergone to ensue the outcome of your photograph. The Camera, The Negative, and The Print are three books that Adams published that broke down his photography steps to the very basics. He also compiled a special technique which he termed as the zone which enables anyone to determine optimal film exposure to be able to vision how their picture will turn out. Hands down, the most notable of all techniques as his process is employed by every great photographer around the world.The colored picture is mine that i took during a hike to the pinkpillbox on the westside and the two black and whites are what insipired me.