Definition trained however they can put themselves and others

Definition Safety,
security and fire fighting:

Safety: it means the condition of being
safe, freedom from danger, risk or injury.

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Security: The prevention and protection
against physical attack, damages, fire, fraud, attack on privacy, theft,
unlawful admission and other such occurrence caused by deliberate action.

Fire Fighting: it is an emergency situation on
resources, and to deal with an unexpected difficulty. Just as in the real world
there’s an assumption that fires are unpredictable and that they must be deal
with immediately we can say it is the comprehensive disaster recovery planning
(DRP) often includes the attempt to foresee and protect against such

Safety, Security and
Fire Fighting Precautionary measures:

Generally fire occurs due to these three elements fuel,
oxygen and ignition source. Each goods and material in work place such as important
documents, furniture etc, provides a ready source of fire. The supplies of such
materials should be kept away from the main working area. Some materials
flammable liquids, gases and paints are burned with high heat or a lot of
smoke. These materials should be isolated from the workplaces. With the
possible fire situation at every small workplace people should be able to get
away from the fire situation in order to escape e. g corridors, automatic fire
closing doors. Most premises are provided with some means of firefighting
unless staff   properly trained however they can put themselves
and others at risk by using this equipment. Most common form of firefighting
equipment are extinguisher, alarm and fire detection system all need to be
frequently checked and tested to ensure that everything will work in the event
of a fire provide the basic training to staff so they know exactly what to do
in the event of fire. These are basic measures that are necessary for safety,
security and firefighting situations. These are become the basic need of every
organization due to increase the technology. It is helpful us but it is also
harmful in many cases because of usage of different harmful chemicals.

Significance of
firefighting, safety and security systems:

Firefighting system play a very vital role in order to stop
the expansion of fire breakouts in any workplace(s), it can incur in shopping
center and even homes. Safety is the most important measure for every one
whether they are residents or workers and every building should definitely be implemented
by the input of best firefighting systems and to stop the increase of fire
breakouts which can create damage to properties. Intruders and thieves are
perpetual threats to vulnerable most businesses, so it is recommended to maintain
your security and it should be a top priority in all organizations, factories,
mills etc. Potential security protocols might include requiring the employees
to wear badges and set alarms as they enter and exit facilities. Information
Technology departments should bound the employees to change their password
periodically in order to eradicate phishing scams etc