Dear the implementation of my main goal – to

Dear Sir, Madam,

Through this motivational letter, I would like to put forward my
candidacy for enrolment in this programme and I am certain that this Bachelor’s
programme will help me to fulfil myself.

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I am currently finishing my last year of high school and every day
spend a lot of time to become a better version of myself in order to achieve my
goals and dreams. My ambition is to
be one among the best in my future profession. In this program, which I have
chosen, I have found all that is necessary for me.

For the implementation of my
main goal – to enter the university,
I am studying independently a lot, am attending English courses and taking
private lessons. Together with Russian and Lithuanian literature, I have begun to read more English literature (reading
is one of my favourite passion already for a long time). It has impacted my
life in many ways. It doesn’t just increase my vocabulary, but also allows me
to enter into new worlds. While reading, I often use the dictionary, not only
for the translation, but also in order to understand clearly semantics of words.
Also, I am inspired to learn English by
YouTube video clips by the teacher on ‘JamesESL English Lessons’ channel,
which helps me a to start talking like native speakers. I am interested in his
methods of presenting information and I have taken several notes for myself for my future job.

My rest of spare time (leisure) I like to spend on writing poems, listening
podcasts and music. What is more, I have mastered a new style of dance’ the
Vogue’. I have participated in competitions individually and in the group, I
was winning and losing. All mentioned above, have(had) developed in me abilities to be flexible, organized,
think “out of the box”, and most of all, improved my communicative skills.

I want to study at university because most time of education
focused on practice it is exactly what I need also I want to sort out all
subtleties of the English language as it has evolved across the centuries. I
want speak fluently on professional level of English and together with it i
desire begin learning additional language. also, I want join and communicate to
students from all over the world and in perspective become the excellent worker
in my field