David and now he is a well known social

David Laid is a Gymshark athlete and a complete fitness
influencer. He is 19 years old and is from Estonia, Europe. From a very early
age, he got interested in building his body and now he is a well known social
media fitness model. David has built his body in such a way that the viewer
always appreciates his physique.

David Laid started uploading his pictures on social media
apps like Instagram and workout videos on Youtube which resulted in a great
success for him. His mother is a single parent, so there was a bit lack of
confidence in him. He was so skinny and slim that he also got bullied by

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David Laid has also been treated from a severe disease called
scoliosis. It usually happens by conditions like cerebral palsy and muscular
dystrophy. When he was being treated, he was just 14 years old. After this, he
decided not to stay like this for his whole life and he stepped on to the gym
to start his bodybuilding journey.

David Laid decided to not look back what happened earlier and
started to continue his training in the gym by looking at the fitness journey
of his role models Jeff Seid and Greg Plitt to gain some muscles and have a
sexy physique.

About Him:

Full Name: David Laid
Birth Day: 29th January, 1998
Birth Place: Estonia
Birth Sign: Aquarius
Age: 19
Weight: 85 – 89 kg
Height: 6’2
Nationality / Country: Estonia, Europe
Profession: Fitness Enthusiast, Power Lifting and Social Media Celebrity

Media Sensation:

David Laid started his body building when he was 14 years old
and since then his life is completely changed. He built his body in such a
unique way and style in a small period of time that it always attracts the
viewer at the first sight. David Laid Is active on different social media apps
but his most active social media apps include Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.

David made his first Youtube account in 2009 normally without
any purpose. He was not aware of the fact that he will use it for this purpose
and his channel will allow him to gain popularity all over the world. David
Laid has crossed 542k subscribers on his Youtube channel so far and his
subscribers are increasing day by day very rapidly. David Laid shares his work
out videos on his channels which also allow others to copy his moves and try to
build a physique like him.

Then David Laid made his Instagram account and started
posting his pictures and videos there. He was pretty much appreciated in the
comment section which impressed David Laid to concentrate more on his body. David
Laid has crossed more than 750k followers on his Instagram account and they are
also increasing day by day. David posts his daily life pictures there and
people stay astonished by watching his beautiful abs.

David Laid is truly a social media star and celebrity. He has
also got some followers on his Twitter account. His content is so amazing and
mesmerizing that the viewer always gets impressed with his physique.

Laid’s Transformation:

When David Laid started transforming his physique, his popularity
began to increase quickly. David Laid then posted the video of his
transformation and soon after that many people were inspired from him. This
also set an example to the people that if he can build a sexy physique then
anyone can do this by working as hard as him. When David take a look at his own
journey, he gets inspired again and it helps him to work hard even harder than
before. David now feels that helping others to build a physique like him will
also allow him to push more in this fitness sport.

David Laid never took supplements in his fitness
transformation and has built his physique naturally. The process of his intense
body building took just 3 years to get till there. David Laid worked so hard
that he has built his body naturally without taking any supplement. At the age
of 14, he started his journey and when he was 17 years old, the results were
mind blowing. It also shows that supplements are not necessary for building
such an amazing physique, we can also build it naturally.

Laid’s Program:

David Laid thinks that Fitness has played a vital role in his
life which he will never forget. He says that now it is his responsibility to
teach others about how they can deal with their personal problems and feel
proud and confident about themselves.

Initial steps of anything are hard but looking for the proper
steps for that particular thing are even harder. To help others in this regard,
David Laid has created a four week workout plan so everyone should do training
in a proper manner.

The exercises in his program are as same as the ones which
allowed David Laid to build this unique physique. He feels that his program
will surely help others to build their body perfectly. Following are the luxuries
included in his program:

The 4 week training guide

David Laid’s secret workout
plans to build mass

Long term results

Diet plan options

Training guide

Latest edition

The price of “The Ultimate Mass Training Programme” by David
Laid is only $19.99

Laid’s Workout:

Everyone has different taste when it comes to training. Same
goes with David Laid, his favorite exercises are squats, dead lifts and bench
press. David apply these moves the most to make his body better by increasing
the value of weights.

David Laid works out every day in a week or sometimes 6 days
in a week to properly get the output of his efforts. Many times, David works
out for even six hours in one day. This move of his shows how much dedicated
this fitness freak is to achieve his desired goals.

David Laid’s workout moves are surely beneficial for everyone
who follows him. Following are the work out exercises of David Laid:

Chest and

Ø  Seated Barbell Shoulder Press

Ø  Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Ø  Standing Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises

Ø  Pec Deck Flyes

Ø  Lat Pulldowns

Ø  Seated Cable Rows

Ø  Tricep Pushdowns

Ø  Alternating Dumbbell Curls

Ø  Dumbbell Hammer Curls


Ø  Dead Lifts

Ø  Bent Over Barbell Rows

Ø  One Arm Dumbbell Rows

Ø  Lat Pulldowns

Ø  Machine Lat Pulldowns ( Underhand Grip )

Ø  Straight Arm Pulldowns

David Laid

David Laid is not a food lover. He never eats too much and
also thinks that this is always been the main reason of his less power. David
Laid also faced many problems because of this issue when he first started going
to the gym. There was not such progress in his body which he wanted, his led
David Laid to eat healthy and know more about some macronutrients. David Laid
looked for a perfect diet then and then started eating high calories food which
resulted positively as he desired.

The main focus of his diet was to eat everything / whatever
he likes because calories were the most important part for his transformation.
After getting the complete knowledge of the diet, David Laid set everything
properly relating to it. He started choosing his diet plans such as cutting
period, bulking period or controlling the body weight, all according to his fitness

David Laid does not believe in taking many supplements for
him as he believes in natural body building but there are some of these which
he uses. They are:

Ø  Creatine

Ø  Pre – workout

Ø  Multi Vitamin

Ø  Whey Protein


When David Laid started body building, he went on to Youtube
to watch the fitness videos of other body builders. After having a look at Marc
Fitt, Jeff Seid and Hodgetwins, David’s motivation towards body building grew
so much. As these body builders also post their work out videos on social
media, it motivated David Laid to do the same.

One of the most amazing body builders who motivated David
Laid is Gregg Plitt. His physique is so well built that it inspired David Laid in
such a way that he decided to build a unique physique just like him.

Despite of starting his fitness journey by getting motivation
from Gregg Plitt, David Laid acquired the knowledge of gym by himself. He is a
self motivated person because he feels that it is only him who can a difference
in his life.

Struggle of
David Laid Shows:

It does not matter if you are weak, you have to keep yourself
motivated. Self confidence is a must for everyone in order to achieve
something. David Laid’s body was also as normal as everyone but because of his
dedication and intense work out, he is now able to build his dream body by
following the footsteps of his fitness idol.

Despite of having some hurdles in our life, if we decide to
do the desired job, no one can stop us from doing that. His intense workout in
the gym, resulted so positively for him and this step also allowed him to gain
popularity all over the world. David Laid in this early age, has become a
fitness model and a sponsored athlete.

Keeping yourself fit is the key to success. Journey of David
Laid also showed that this fitness allowed him to get fame and achieve his desired
goals and it also helps to pass any difficulty of life easily.