Criterion A Ai Dance style + Dance move HISTORY a

Criterion A
Ai Dance style + Dance move HISTORY
a. History of Locking
It was in the late 1960s, when Don Campbell originated this dance style in Los Angeles, California. It was an ‘accident’ when he first created this style. He was performing the Funky Chicken in front of an audience when he suddenly realized that he couldn’t remember his next move. He furrowed his brow and scratched his head. He pointed at the audience who laughed at him, which then became a move in this style. He froze when he forgot the moves. He figured that it could be a new dance style. These moves he made in this performance accidently then evolve into a new dance style.

He forgot his moves when dancing the Funky Chicken and froze and pause a lot. Therefore, the basic concept of this move locking turned out to be freezing from a fast movement and ‘locking’ in a certain position.

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The element in this style is the ‘lock’, which is to hold at a position for a while and then continuing in the same speed as before. Other elements are the hips and legs usually remain in a relaxed position. Its movements are coordinated closely with the beats of the music (Bedinghaus).

An example of a move of this style will be ‘point’, which was created when Don Campbell pointed at the audience who laughed at him during the performance. This move is simple. It is just to point at a direction and pause for a while. This move is in this style since there is a pause.

This dance style is different from breaking because locking is a relaxing dance style, unlike breaking which requires a lot of energy and power. Breaking have many upside down movements, but locking does not.

This dance style is different from waacking because instead of movements on the hands and arms, locking has many movements on the legs too.

This dance style is different from house dance because instead of only dancing with your legs, locking has many movements on their hands too. And house dance focusses on fast and complex movements of foot, but locking does not require this.

This dance style is different from popping because locking is a relaxing dance style, yet popping needs power to control the muscles. Moreover, locking is more exaggerated in comparison to popping.

b. History of Scoobot
Scoobot was created by Jimmy “Scoo B Doo” Foster in late 1960s, along with the other moves, Scooby Doo, Hitchhike, Scooby Walk, Sneek, and Stop N Go.

I did not find the place where he originated this dance move. I think it is because he created too many moves and it is hard to specify every one of them. And probably he himself did not take notice of where he created the moves.

This move needs one arm and leg out then switching to the other leg. Leg out and arms crossed then wrist twirl and clap behind yourself. There are four movements in all and there are pauses in between the movements. It is a quite relaxing move. It moves almost every part of your body. Your arms and legs will move at the same time, which requires some body coordination.

The move, Scoobot fits with locking style because it locks for a little while when going to the next movement. There are four movements in all and there are three pauses in between the movements. The basic element in locking is the pause. Moreover, the move is quite relaxing, which fits the style.

Aii Dance style + Dance move INFLUENCES
a. Influences of Locking
In 1970s, this dance style greatly impacted many great party dancers, those that are very talented, such as Jimmy ‘Scooby doo’ Foster and Greg Campbellock jr, and Damita Jo Freeman. These people all imitated and learnt his style of dance. Since Don Campbell originated this style, he started to dance it everywhere. And it soon became very popular within the funk clubs in Los Angeles. People loved to watch his dance. This dance style brought audiences happiness and entertainment. It brought dancers a new way/style of dancing for them to learn and play with.

It also influenced styles of clothing. Don Campbell like wearing unique clothing, which was marshmallow shoes, long striped socks, trousers called knickers, colorful tops, and suspenders or braces. People liked watching him dance, as well as his clothes. It became popular among the dancers who dances locking.

Currently, people who are interested in street dance might learn and dance locking. This style of dance is quite popular in street dance. There is no limit for age and gender.

Locking spread to places by human interaction, television shows, or competitions. People join together in groups or clubs, have fun dancing, and get more people involved. Nowadays, there are several television shows about dancing, which spread the dances all around the world. People who did not know anything about dance might learn something about dance from the television shows. It is a convenient and fast way to spread the style. For instance, in China, we have a few television shows about people competing with their dances currently on TV. And me myself learn more about dance by watching those television shows, which changed my mind about dancing (I once thought that dance is only limited in things like ballet or folk dance. I never really know that there is such thing like street dance). And with dance competitions, the larger the competition gets, the more people it might reach and spread.

The term ‘pop and lock’ was spoken by people because there are many similarities between the two dance styles, popping and locking. Both of the styles are styles of funk dance. The movements are done accordingly to the music, which hits the beats ad rhythms. Both of them requires quick moves and sudden pauses.

b. Influences of Scoobot
There isn’t a source informing the influences of the dance move, Scoobot. I think this is because it is only a move, and there are so many moves in a dance style. Not every move has an influence.

If you ask me, I will say that the influence of this dance move might be the inspiration of Scoobot Hop, which is another move based on Scoobot. And another influence is that it brings more happiness and entertainment to dancers and audiences.