Characteristics Teamwork – Every organization is consisting of people.

Characteristics of Total Quality Management

Characteristics of Total Quality Management can be divide
into several sub categories. Below shows a details description about each and
every category.

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Elements of TQM

These are the fundamentals or the base of Total Quality
Management. Organizations can’t maintain Quality Management without these

Ethics – This means understanding good and bad in the
office. Every organization is consisting of people. Different people understand
good and bad in different ways. So, the organization has to create a Code of
Ethics statement and conduct ethic management programs for workers to maintain
organizational ethics.

Integrity –  Integrity
mean doing right things when no one is supervising you or being honesty at the
workplace. Workers has to respect to their organizational rules. Total Quality
Management can’t maintain in an organization without Integrity.

Trust – Trust is a combination of Ethics and Integrity. In
organization workers should trust each other because relationships can build
only if there is trust. So, it is also useful for decision making and help to
implement Total Quality Management.

Training – This is important to increase the productivity of
the company. From training workers can improve their technical and
interpersonal skills, knowledge, decision making ability and lot of skills.
Supervisors or experienced workers has to teach TQM methods to new comers.

Teamwork – Every organization is consisting of people. They
have to work together to achieve organizational success. For this, teamwork is
an essential factor. Teamwork means working with other people in effectively
and efficiently. For an example, making decisions by gathering others ideas is
more efficient than making decisions alone.

Leadership – Every process of an organization has to be lead
by someone. It’s same to the Quality management. Management in the organization
has to set the Quality Management goals and transmit down to other levels. 

Communication – this is a must for every group of people.
People have to express their ideas to others. So, they have to communicate with
each other. This means sharing a common idea between sender and the receiver.

Concepts of TQM

Employee involvement – TQM can’t be maintaining without the
participation of Employees because employees are one of the key factors of
Quality Management. So. This makes better interaction between suppliers,
customers and other parties.

Continues Improvement – Whether company produce product or a
service, it is important to improve the quality and technology of the product.
Products should be up to date with the technology. This improvement can be a
design improvement, specification improvement or whatever.  

Troubleshoot Failures – The process in the company should be
zero defect and if there is a mistake, it should not be neglect. Organization
has take necessary steps to not to happen that mistake again.

Delegation – Delegation means decentralizing authority from
higher level to lower level workers. This motivate workers, increase
productivity and give more responsibilities to workers. Because of Delegation,
workers can enroll to the decision-making process of the organization.

Documented Quality assurance – This means all the important
data about Quality Management should track and documenting. From that organization
can analyze passed data and make proper decisions and improve quality of the



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