Chapter the worst, a pony that carries a baggage

Chapter 2: Roast MuttonBilbo Baggins finds himself alone in his homely hole. Yet, the dwarves and Gandalf left him a present. To find dirty dishes piled up on the sink and a grand mess he would have to clean up was a delight to Mr. Baggins. Feeling somewhat resentful for not even receiving a thanks, he cleans up and starts breakfast. After that, he was going to dig into a second breakfast until a familiar white-haired wizard politely barged in. Exchanging some words with Gandalf, he discovers that Thorin and company have written him a note explaining to meet them up at an inn.  Realizing that he only had 10 minutes to get to the meeting, Bilbo rushes to the Green Dragon Inn. While running, he goes without all the necessities that he thought he would need.  In the end, it turns out that the dwarves had all the baggage they would need to go on an adventure. This includes Bilbo. Hopping onto one of the ponies that the small men had brought, the journey kicks off. They rode for a whole day, only stopping for food breaks. During the trip, the hobbit experienced sceneries he had never seen before when suddenly it started to rain. The crew had to look for a dry place to rest on and they noticed that Gandalf has gone missing. Using the trees as a roof and grass as beds they fell asleep without a fire because it was nearly impossible to start one in that weather even for the dwarves who were good at starting fires. Out of the worst, a pony that carries a baggage of food got frightened and ran towards the river. Bilbo and company tried their best to save the pony but in their efforts, Fili and Kili nearly drowned. The next day, up ahead they saw a light. They told the hobbit to go to the said light and investigate. Bilbo found a cave and trolls living in it.  Inside are gold and riches. Feeling brave, he sneaks through and struggles to steal one of the trolls’ wallet. Sadly, he got captured. With their thief being gone for an extended period of time, the dwarves look for their hobbit. One by one, everyone gets apprehended at this point. Will, Bert and Tom, grown hungrier by the second, put a water-filled pot on the fire, and waited for a boil so that they could cook Bilbo and company.  Out of nowhere, Gandalf exploited the trolls’ weakness of sunlight. He stalled them until sunrise by mimicking each of the trolls’ voices until they argued. Forgetting that the dreaded sun was coming up, they turned into stone.