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Casino Loyalty Programs


With new
online casinos cropping up all over the place, the online gambling industry is
a huge platform where casino operators fight it out to gain player loyalty. In
order to keep players playing at one site, casinos have come up with loyalty
programs to reward players for playing by giving loyalty points and enticing online casino promotions like prize giveaways and cashback.

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What is an
online casino loyalty program?

A casino
loyalty program is a rewards scheme offered to players who play with real money
at an online casino regularly, meaning regular players can earn points for
deposits and play which can later be used to purchase free spins, cashback and
more. Some online casinos even offer exclusive promotions for their members
such as tournaments and invite only competitions. You may be automatically
enrolled, or perhaps receive an invitation to join from the casino.

You will
find out that many casino loyalty schemes are pretty much the same. The big
difference between them however is how the points are valued. You may see some
casinos offering 1 point for each pound spent, while others may reward players
with 5 points for the same amount.

the number of points you receive may differ depending on what games you are
playing, with slots earning you less point than say, roulette. Casino’s will usually
have a dedicated page on their site explaining how their online casino loyalty
program works. If in doubt all casinos have dedicated support staff who will be
happy to explain the ins and outs.

Should I
join a loyalty program?

If you are
an online casino player, seeking out a loyalty program is a must. Not only will
you get the fun of playing as you normally would at any casino, you also get
rewarded at the same time. Any decent loyalty program can offer a lot of
benefits and your day to day play can be rewarded with prizes and more. As we
see more and more online casinos launching, we see that reward programs are
getting more exciting and the range of rewards on offer is very exciting. Casinos
have begun to get creative with what they offer players in return for loyalty, this
usually translates to more “free stuff” on offer!

When you are
looking to join a new casino, make sure that you take a look at what the casino
has to offer in terms of loyalty. It can really give you an idea of how well
the casino treats its players. Any decent casino treasures returning custom and
aims to retain as many players as they can. So, you can be quite picky with
which online casino gets your custom.

In addition
to loyalty programs, most online casinos offer VIP programmes too. These will
offer many more benefits like lower wagering requirements, exclusive bonuses
and a gifting service. The points earned whilst playing will also contribute to
their VIP level.  Many people of VIP
status believe being part of a VIP Loyalty scheme is a worthwhile investment as
it will pay off further down the line, but is always good to remember that
great investments come with great risk. So, if you are after a more simple affair,
stick with your normal games and work your way up the ladder more gradually,
using promotions to earn more points than you usually would.

Is there a

As always,
Players need to carefully read the terms and conditions of any casino loyalty
program to make sure you fully understand how they work. Including how may
points you need to accumulate before you can redeem them. And how they can be

As we
mentioned earlier, the whole point of a loyalty program is to retain players,
so most loyalty schemes only allow a certain amount of points to be exchanged
for cash in one go. It’s also common practice for casinos not to allow you to
withdraw the cash from your points. Or you may have to reach a certain level
before you can do.

You may also
find that some casinos loyalty points come with an expiry date too, so always make
sure to check to see whether points have an expiration date on them and that
they are still valid.

online casino loyalty programs are an awesome benefit of hanging around at a certain
casino, getting rewarded for the everyday play that you would have taken part
in. Be sure to think carefully before you settle and always read the terms and