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Box Breathing Box breathing also called four-square breathing is a medical procedure used for relieving stress and enhancing concentration and performance level. This is done by taking deep and slow breaths. It is also used in meditation as deep breathing is an inseparable and vital part of meditation. Benefits of Box Breathing With this medical technique allowing you to take control of your body’s involuntary responses, there are some other enhancements it does to the body.Box breathing ensures that there is adequate blood flow to the brain and also minimized stimulation of the brain. With these, the flexibility of the brain gets enhanced.It can lower blood pressure and regulate the metabolic processes in the body. It minimizes the chance of insomnia by relieving your body of stress during the night. Box breathing is also efficient in managing pains.Box breathing enhances Learning and Skill Development, Increase Focus and Attention, Increase Energy, Improve your Immune System, relaxes the mind, decreases anxiety, reduces shallow breathing, heightens awareness, assist in the regulation of the nervous system, minimizes stress, soothes nerves and improves meditation. Box Breathing Technique Next time that you feel stressed or disorientated, you should follow this box breathing guide to feel better. • Sit straight up in a chair in a comfortable and quiet room. Your feet should rest flatly on the ground and your hands on your laps. • Close your eyes to shut away any distraction. This enhances the focus of your mind on breathing. • Before you begin the breathing expel all the gas from your lungs. Your lungs should be kept empty at a four count hold. • Close your mouth as to breathe only through your nose. Count to four while you inhale air and hold for five seconds before exhaling. • Exhale for four to five seconds and hold for the same time frame before inhaling another air. You can repeat this process for up to five times.