Blood games with intense action, our Adrenal medulla gland

pressure and heart rate usually determines the health condition of the person .
Activities that provoke change include exercise, stress, anxiety, sleep etc.
Our nervous  system is programmed with a
flight or fright response(acute stress response) to increase your chances of
survival when you meet with a danger. So when our mind is focused on Video
games with intense action, our Adrenal medulla gland secretes adrenaline
thereby increasing the blood pressure and heart rate.

                 Playing video
games has implications for health.1Most video games are usually E-rated; for
everyone and M-rated for Mature audience. These ratings are given by the
Entertainment  Software Rating Board
(ESRB).89.Video games have
permanently altered the way people spend their free time. Playing video games
is no longer an activity exclusive to children, since many adults have become
ardent gamers as well. With more intense visuals, violence, and interactive
online gaming, video games have seeped into our everyday lives. The
risks of video games include true addiction and increased aggressiveness2.The
normal heart rate of a person is 60-100 beats per minute3. When our body is
subjected to any kind of stress, such as video games, the heart rate tends to
increase slightly. Tachycardia is a fast heart rate defined as above 100 bpm at
rest4, whereas Bradycardia is a slow heart rate defined as below 60bpm at
rest. Abnormalities of heart rate may indicate a diseased condition.5.   Violent video games usually tend to be more thrilling and obsessing
than their more peaceful counterparts. As a result, we can observe increase in
heart rate. It could also be the increased excitement level which causes increased
anxiety. However, not all individuals are affected by exposure to violent
computer games, but most individuals are affected. Action gamers are better at
ignoring distractions and also on focusing on the main task6.Some research
also suggests that video games may even increase players’ attention

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               Video games have also been
determined to provide an easy computer literacy for children and correlations
have been drawn between male video gaming and the predominance of male
employees within the computer sector.12 With the increasing importance
of technology in the 21st century and the increased role of  networking, the lack of female video game
players suggests a loss of future career opportunities for women13 This study is
conducted to estimate the immediate effects of video games on heart rate of a
person. This can also create an awareness about the ill effects of Video games
among youngsters.