Ben does not diminish one particular form of autism.

Ben Watts

Teacher Mrs. Chapoy

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English 1

23 January 2018

Visiting Family Members

name is Sean Murphey and I have Autism. I am different, but the does not stop
me from being the best doctor I can be. This
is my incredible story of meeting my distant family members for the first time
in forever.

me preface this by saying there are many degrees of autism, fortunately for me
I have a less harmful one. However, all forms of autism do different things; on
the contrary, that does not diminish one particular form of autism. I ask you
to pray for everyone with autism, because all autism is bad even though we can
always learn something from it. I was told years ago how people wanted to hear
from a doctor that had autism, I told her that I was not sure if I was up to
the job; but finally here we are now. I see that there are many of you, which
is very stressful on me, however we will get through this together. Wandering
help, right here Autism makes my life loud with noises that I do not like
hearing. Autism makes my life stressful because I am not good at socializing.
Autism makes my life organized because I understand patterns and love being

I was diagnosed we had to tell everyone in my family to make sure that they
were all aware of what was happening. The time was near Christmas; during
Christmas we all gather as a family in one place and celebrate it.
Unfortunately, since I was diagnosed with autism, that meant I could not
socialize as well as other people. Meeting them would not only be awkward, but
you could bet it would be a horrifying experience for me since I do not do well
around new people. Having autism changes you, you like to stay in your comfort
zone; going out of it just makes everything horrible. I was thinking about how
I could have a traumatic experience and have a mental breakdown. Since there
were going to be a lot of people there, it was going to be loud which makes
people with autism extremely uncomfortable. Loud noises and flickering lights
are the thing that will give people with autism mental breakdowns; it will also
get them out of their comfort zone.

last it was time to meet my distant family members in Slidell. As soon as we
got there, I was already getting a little bit uncomfortable since I knew what
was coming. When we opened the door to the house, I was surrounded by people
which scared me a little bit; however, they were all relatively quiet, and I
was extremely comfortable with being around them. Even when they started
talking to me and telling me how sorry they were, I was still extremely
comfortable with being around them. I met my cousin first, me and her were
always close, even before I was diagnosed. Next I would see my aunts and uncles
again; even though I was never really close to any of them, but they were
always there to help me when I needed it. The thing was the most upsetting to
me was the fact that my grandparents on this side of the family had both passed
away at a young age. That always made me sad to think about them. My
grandmother who had passed away, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at a relatively
young age; I never really knew her before her illness. I never got to
understand what she was like. Everyone in my family says she always brought
happiness and joy into whatever room she went into. My grandfather on
the other hand, was not only very close to me, but also one of the best role
models I have ever had. He was not diagnosed with any major illnesses, unless
you would count diabetes as one. However, that did not merely stop him from
doing activities with his grandchildren. I remember fishing, hunting, and boat
riding all the time when he was alive. I caught my first ever fish with him, I
went hunting for my first time with him. When he passed away around 4 months
ago, I was given his .270 rifle as a memento of how important he was to me.
With that rifle I would eventually kill my first deer with it; after hunting
for 2 years, I would finally kill my first deer. Believe me, as soon as I
pulled the trigger, I knew he was with me the entire way through it. Even
though I could not get one when he was alive, he was with me even though I
could not see him with me. We would always have the best times with him.
Whenever we drove to Slidell, Louisiana, we knew we were in for a treat of food
and fun times. Anyway, back to visiting with my distant relatives. I was
surprisingly very calm and chill with them. They made my favorite food ever,
which was roast beef and rice and gravy. I could not understand as to why I was
so worried about meeting them since I was diagnosed with Autism. This has
easily been one of the best days of my life, seeing family, having fun, eating
delicious food, and making new relationships.



conclusion, Autism have affected me very much. Even though it may have
affected me in a lot of bad ways, in can also affect many other in a positive
way. Seeing my family members was the best thing that could have happened to
me, making new connections, planning events, and hearing them all talk. All I
wish at this point is to have my grandparents here.





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“Autism can’t define me,
I define Autism” Kerry Magro







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