Behavior Change Communication

Behavior Change Communication (BCC)
Behavior Change Communication (BCC) is an “interactive process for developing messages
and approaches using a mix of communication channels in order to encourage and sustain
positive and appropriate behaviors”.
This is probably the best-known approach, as it has been used widely in development
programmes since the 1950s. BCC envisages social change and individual change as two
sides of the same coin. It has evolved from information, education and communication (IEC)
programmes to promote more tailored messages, greater dialogue and increased ownership
together with a focus on aiming for, and achieving health-enhancing results. BCC is
regarded as an essential element of many health-related programmes, particularly
HIV/AIDS programmes.It has been argued that a central aspect of the relationship between
communication and behaviour is ‘ideation’ – the spread of new ways of thinking through
communication and social interaction in local, culturally-defined communities.